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Committed Adultery In The Past
Dear One,
My husband committed adultry on me years ago . God has since restored our marriage. I wish he would not have told me, but just repented to God and made it up to me some other way. If you do not have any diseases, thank God and don't break your husband's heart now. Confess to someone else if you need to take care and God bless

What Cliques In Church Wrong
I have had two experiences with cliques. In a big church there was a clique of my own peers and they didn't really care for me because my family wasn't rich and plus my dad was the janitor of the church. That was a big experience. My other one was in a small church and I was really accepted there. Everyone showed they cared and rich and poor wasn't a issue there. I don't go to church now but if I ever do I want my second experience to be the kind of church that I would want.

How To Stop Gossip
I was always told that if you Listen to gossip you are as guility as if you Gossip. I have now did the Barney Fife thing and nipped it in the bud. I kindly tell them I am not intrested and I defend my brothers and sisters in Christ. Most of time if you shut them down and not listen that shuts the door. You can speak kind words and God will help you not to offend. It has to be done because God is not pleased with sowing discord.

Do You Know Others On ChristiaNet
Hi I am looking for anyone from Foothills Baptist Church in Mtn. View, AR. Anyone that has attended in the past or that is attending now. I used to attend there and would like any contact with any person. Charlene A.

What Is Spiritual Pride
Amen Catherine. I agree to that. A lot of people do seem to care but that is how we should all feel. We should only care what God cares about us. Charlene

Biblical Dating Advice
Who are we to judge what others do. No one knows what is right for us but God. Are we better than God when we say that whatever is wrong? Only God knows what is right and what is wrong. We are all different people and only God knows what is right for each of us.

Does God Search Your Heart
Yes God searches your heart. He may use you to talk to a non-Christian person---if you start seeing a non-Christian person.

God Let Bush Be President
"Would you ever consider and take seriously a real lasting POLYGAMOUS family lifestyle as your future too? We have been married for 40 years, and ISO a special young lady, to be a sister/wife, a second wife to me! Do you want to have children too?" "Carl"

Are you the same Carl who wants a second wife?

I Lost My Cat
I agree, Ralph.
I know many only have a cat and they're like a member of your family.
But how would they cope if they lost a family member in a war, flood, fire, or standing along a parade route. There are so many opportunities to be mad at God if you choose to let your emotions fly. Why would you want to be mad at God and lose your peace.

I Lost My Cat
Tragedies remind us that we can lose someone we dearly love.
A cat may have nine lives, but a human has only one.

Christians Debate Those In Cults
MikeM., you don't quote Scripture because it's not in you. Now you are full of opinion and it's all about your self, so full of self. I don't believe it would be possible for you to quote Scripture. Your answers reek of the spirit of rebellion. You are a Mormon, and are following a doctrine of demons. It's possible you are demon possessed.

Christians Debate Those In Cults
Mormonism is a cult. We shouldn't allow them into our homes for debate or council.
MikeM. & Ashley are here to defend their belief in a cult. Ashley has demons following him and I think MikeM. does too. How do we know if we're talking to them or the demons?

Christians Debate Those In Cults
If one's faith cannot stand....I can't stand that saying. Isn't it time you found some new lines, the old ones are really boring, stale, like eating waterlogged crackers.
MikeM., don't you know any Scripture?

Pray To Torment The Nations
Do you have a church home?
I think you need some Christian friends. This sounds like some sort of a cult.
To stay friends would not be wise. Those type of friends will sway someone who is impressionable.

Do You Feel Evil Shadows Around
I know this is a long time ago, RebeccaD.
I hope it has stopped by now, maybe you don't even live there. But I also hope you stopped watching Charmed. This will open a door for this type of activity, with a handwritten invitation.

The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Donna, when you ask these questions, is it for discussion or because you don't know the answers.

I Can't Locate A Single Man
48, single and pretty. Are you divorced, with or without children? If there are loose ends, God may have you in a holding pattern until they are straightened out. God's ways are higher than our ways.

Should Christian Have Law Suits
I believe court is God's arm of justice. In unjust plunder to your finances, is it Scriptural in EVERY circumstance to lie down and roll over when Abba has provided a means of help? He can fight for us there, too. For sure, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Does that mean we simply stand and see the salvation of the Lord?

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