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I Feel Guilty After An Affair
What you did was wrong from the start0the guy did not blackmail-if you so badly wanted to stop you would not have let him have one more time unless it was something you wanted as well. I just hope you can fix the bridges you have detroyed with your affair.

Overweight Female Relative
Need to tell her if she does not lose weight fast she is GOING TO DIE or going to be a very bad burden on her family and the tax payers. No offense if grossly overweight you are never going to get a good paying job or a worthhile man if she is single

Marry A Brother's Widow
How does she feel for you? I would like your brother would want you and her to be happy-he can not physically/emotionally be there for her. You are never taking over but a new piece in big puzzle.

Husband Woke Up In Another Bed
Did you two have any rules regarding your separation? If you two still have feelings for each pther thsan you two have a lont way to work things out if not legally divorce him-ither you are married or divorced-no such thing as separated

Husband Left Me To Make A Baby
Why are you still living with the guy?
Did you know you could not have kids before you got married-if so did you tell your man upfront?

16 Year Old Dates A 26 Year Old
1. Father knew how old this guy was and still let him date his daughter-Father should know better he was young once.
2. The 26 year old should have know that if he got the girl pregnant all heck is going to happen
3. The 16 year old is not innocent here-she knew what she was doing and she is now going to pay the price as in being an adult alot faster than she wanted to had she not got pregnant

Allow Kids To Trick Or Treat
If you are going to let kids trick or treat make sure you go with them and what most people do-trick and treat before dark.

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