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Can God Heal A Diabetic
Hi i am chase I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 5 years old here is my story. I was throwing up and very sick my mom started to notice that I had a rash and she took me to the doctor who did a urine test and said I was diabetic and said I need to go to the hospital we went to the hospital and they did some test and they came back positive they did more test and they came back negative they did more test and they came back negative I was healed from diabetes I pray god will heal you or your kid or some one you love now I am a healthy and I am one of the only people to be healed from type 1 diabetes

Can Christians Drink A Beer
If your views are not supported by Christ's example, they are not biblical. Jesus drank, made wine and I'm sure made the Pharisees "stumble". We always assume the "weaker" brother is anyone who is offended by what we do. When actually that would be the "older" brother, the "weaker" would be someone who doesn't have a solid biblical worldview and would be going against their conscience because their actions are not in faith. I always get a little broken hearted for those who take themselves out of different aspects of God's grace because they are aspiring to some extra biblical level of holiness.

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