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Last King Of Israel
God did warn them but they chose wrong.

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
I am SO glad that there are older people who can see that times change (Crystal / Donna). No, God never changes, BUT you can believe He applauds the efforts of those who follow Him to reach out to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The band "Jars of Clay" is a group of guys who love the Lord. It is evident in everything they do. They've brought many, many young people to Christ and THAT is what matters most. More than I have, that's for sure!

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
Part 2

The band spent countless hours searching through hymnals for lyrical texts that would speak to believers about the hope found in Christ.

The bands intent, they say, is to combine the rich lyrics of traditional hymns from the past with melodies that appeal to 21st century listeners. In an age where many churches have traded in their hymnals for overhead projection screens, this is an admirable goal.

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
Part 1 of an article writtne by a reporter for CBN. I think it sums up Jars of Clay quite nicely...

The CD, Redemption Songs, is a rare gem among the myriad of worship albums that are available today. It is a collection of soulful recordings of ancient hymns and spirituals, many of which have been recreated with modern music. Listeners will find traditional favorites such as Nothing But the Blood and It is Well with My Soul, along with songs they may have never heard before.

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
Don't be discouraged by narrow-minded, "we gotta do it this way" people! "Even if something is not working anymore, this is the way we've always done it." How sad is that? Jesus was very unconventional in His time. He went against the grain at every turn. Don't forget the woman at the well. Even His disciples were scandalized that He would stoop to speaking to her. This is the same type of bigotry.

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
Whats the name of your band, Jaz? Do you have any CDs? Where do you perform?

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
I belong to the youth group at my church & have invited my lost friends to Christian Rock concerts. They went to those events when they wouldn't go to others. Maybe bible study wasn't "cool" or they thought the other events were lame or something. I'm not sure, but I've had at least one of those friends who was saved at the concert and another who is still asking questions. I don't think it will be long before she is saved too. It got her to thinking about Jesus if nothing else.

Help With Husband's Anger are right to stay by your man. If you took vows you should keep them. I too was hit on ocassion, but my husband and I worked through it. We are stronger now for it and we did it without a counsellor. We turned to HIM and let HIM handle it. We are strong now and welcoming babt #4 to the family.

My Boyfriend And I Never Kiss
Edna...I personally know a couple who has made the same decision. It shows how deep your love is for one another and that you are true to each other. Not to mention it's very romantic!! You are making a decision that could very well be helping you two to stay true to the Lord. Don't worry about your friends, you do what you feel is best for you, and that will be one special kiss on your wedding day! One worth waiting for! God Bless!!

Keep Exgirlfriend And Engaged Girl
Duke....I think that you should check with your fiance and see how she feels about you keeping in touch with your ex. But first of all, does your soon to be wife know even right now that you are still in contact with your ex?? Seeing as you have a past with the particular person, it's best to get an opinion from the person you are committed to now.

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