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Did Solomon Go To Hell
During the time of Rehoboam's reign we are told in 2 Chron. 11:16 the Levites who set their hearts to seek God came to Jerusalem... In the following verse (17) it says they walked in the way of David and Solomon. Since this is after the death of Solomon and the Levites who sought God followed in the way of Solomon it must mean that Solomon repented.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I lived with my narcissist 25 years. It ended when I turned 43 and started to have health problems. I worked myself to death while I was with him. The moment my son's grew up he found a new gal and poof , he was gone. Prepare yourself now. Really, I cannot stress enough how I would have done things differently. I would plan on your life without him. Mine is going through mid life crises and it is worse now than ever. The law does not understand. It is a life of constant questionsone and agonizing realizations. Multiple women, Lies, stealing while he is off buying boats and taking women to the best resturaunts. If your still young enough and have enough energy reserved then I'd leave. Better now than when your older and need a spouse.

Christian Women Dress Scantly
As Christians we are supposed to be teachable. If a woman is dressed inappropriatly, then an older woman (Pastor's wife or Deacon's wife) should help the woman understand the need to dress modestly. I think most women follow fashion and really have no clue at what's proper or inproper.

I Hate My Wife
I'm sorry to hear you hate your wife and feel trapped. I know first hand that I made my husband's life miserable for about 20 years. He was a Christian--I wasn't. I did many of the things you discribe to my own husband. But, he prayed for me and loved me and sacrificed until I finally came to know God. Don't will mess up your kids. Don't dispair...God really is working in your wife's life. Continue to be a man of good character and she will come around. I will pray for you and your family.

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