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Can Christians And Jews Marry
The best answer usually comes from experience. I was married to an Orthodox Jew for 12 years. We really love each other. But he is no longer with me because of family pressure and his own belief that God is punishing him for being with me. I am heart broken. I have done everything I can to preserve our marriage. Right now I am drawing close to God and waiting for Him to redeem and heal both of us. And I know that He has the power and all the right answers. Pray that God will draw this man to Him. Don't ever stop believing that your man needs the faith you have. Protect your heart. I would not wish this on anyone.

Husband Wants Me Back
Thanks to the few of you who responded with what I felt was the Love of Christ in helping me with a very very hard situation. As for Trish, perhaps if you cannot administer what could be good advice with sisterly love, as Christ would, you should refrain...I made a mistake posting here.

Husband Wants Me Back
Yes I was saved and was running from God...also the marriage was very dark at times as he was an agnostic, I begged him to come to church, lived a Godly life and then finally I can't take anymore...and I find a new life...I don't want to be the motivation for his salvation but I am. And so here I am.

Equally Yoked In The Bible
What do you think this means. if the Word says don't be unequally yolked, then it calls for us to be equally yolked. Not just in marriage, but in any other relationship to people. Jesus calls for us to let our lights shine and to be example setters. You cannot be an example setter if you are mixed up with darkness. We are in the world but not of it.

Pat Robertson Haiti Comment
I always believed that Christians are taught to serve others, to help others, even our enemies, or people we don't necessarily agree with all the time. Maybe even more so with that last group. So I feel what Pat Robertson said was not Christian. Whether we like them or not, agree or disagree with their politics, agree or disagree with anything else to do with that country, this earthquake was devastating and they are suffering. If we want to be good Christians, they need our help. Comments like Robertson's do nothing to help, do everything to divide.

Divorce My Busy Husband
Yes you will be wrong in divorcing your husband. I can tell you from experience that divorce is the beginning of a way of life and thinking that if someone does not make me happy I will just get out of it and find someone else. Your happiness does not lie within your husband. I would reconsider and first tell him how you feel. If he does not listen to you then ask for counseling for the two of you. Do whatever it takes to make this marriage work. I can assure you the next person will have flaws as well, and I can also tell you that you should consider your childrens future. Children grow into more stable secure adults when raised by both parents. Again I want to stress that divorcing your husband is not the answer.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
Because women are no longer slaves who must marry who their fathers command them to marry or be beaten and abandoned. You're right about one thing though, men and women are not at the same place at the same age. Men cannot keep up sexually with a woman 10 years younger, much less 20.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
I feel if God can make an ass talk, he can give a woman the word. God gives us all a gift and if for chosen women the gift to preach is what they are receiving, Go For It. Here in Columbia we have women ministers, preachers and evangelist. Yea, some people still do have a problem with women preachers, but I wouldn't want to be that preacher who denies a woman to preach in his pulpit if she truely has been called to do so.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
All I can say is that I will pray for you. You are playing with fire. This lady is called to preach. I have her bible and it says the same thing as the KJV just in Amplified form. I read from it in bible study.

Unclean Spirit In You
I would like to know if anyone can tell me the name of the demon spirit that sexual perversion and homosexulity rank under.

How Do You Pray
I pray for God's Will not mine be done in any situation. I tend to think God did not hear my prayer if it doesn't work out like I want to see it it.


Can God Heal A Diabetic
Because sickness and disease is not from God
and because healing is part of salvation-He died for our healing too.,God has power over everything the enemy throws our way. He gives life. it's up to us to stand in the authority we have in Jesus and not accept satan's lies or the things he trys to put a upon us. so, yes Jesus heals any disease.

Elder's Wife Heart Attack
I have to answer in 85 words so abbreviate...there are things that are extremely helpful but I can't get the info to you. It's a problem I talked about with my prayer partner, unless people hear on the TV they've been conditioned to get answers from, they don't listen. Naaman, fortunately, listened to his slave help and got his answer. All I can say, there are answers, seek for them. And have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying so when you find an answer, you don't discount it due to tradition.

If The Rapture Is Fictitious
I truly enjoy this stuff. Please tell me what your opinion of the meaning of tribulation is and what conclusions do you draw about a "mark of the beast", "doom", and "eternity of hell"? I believe it is safe to assume that you are only speaking to a religious community that holds to those values, but what about those who understand nothing but abusive language from religious "preachers". How do you explain this to a non-religious community. Thanks.

Praying For A Good Wife
I prayed my husband in. I specifically asked for certain characteristics, even that he could Cook and Sew, and own a four bedroom house out in the country. God answered every request and yes, he had all those qualifications, and we were gifts to each other for nearly 20 years. He just passed away. He was 65 and I am 53. He died loving God and me and our children. Be specific then you will know when you find that person. Ask God to remove any conterfiet copies too.

I Am Not A Christian
I met an atheist on line. He told me how he did not believe in God. I asked him if he had ever met him. He said, No, he doesn't exist. So I asked him if he would like to met Jesus He said, Sure OK, go ahead, introduce me. So I did, on line. He really did meet him and he is not an atheist anymore. God sure does know how to shake the hand of someone who has never met him.
I hope one day, you will allow someone, even a stranger to introduce you to your husband's other best friend.

Is Church Important To You
Finding a church is like finding an adoptive family. I am not just there to show up and enjoy the music and the sermon. I am there to be gathered into a family that really wants to appreciate their Father together. I sing songs to my Lord, and I get involved to help, support and love the rest of his family.

Will We Know People In Heaven
I believe at the time of death we will wake from that time on we are then totaly enthroled in Gods service to worship and to Praise HIM. That is his requirement. so yes we will know each other but our desire will be to praise and worship HIM. My Husband has passed recently and I have saught this carefuly. I believe hubby is in a place waiting for the rapture to take place. I will see him again but not to love him as I do now, Because I believe in Heaven the Love will be undefiled, Pure Holy, Godly.

Who Knows The Truth
To whom is asking the only way to find the truth is to seek the Word of God with an open mind and to Pray that God will show you His truth. the Bible says to seek and ye shall find.

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