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Your Favorite Bible Verses
My favorite Bible verse is:
Proverbs 3:5-6 Which states. "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him and he will guide your path."

This has been a favorite since the year 1982 when my mother passed away. She had leukemia but died of an accident. I was 32 and had all sorts of questions as to why her. This is when I learned that in all things rely in God and his ways. He will guide us to his will and we will know that what he has for us is for our good and will last forever. Always be guided by God's will not relying on ourselves or man. Chery3398

Can You Speak In Tongues
Question? Why are you seeking man, when you should be seeking Jesus. Church of Christ. Man can't put you no where but following him straight to hades. Jesus is who you should be following!

Can You Speak In Tongues
Please! I wouldn't care if I never spoke in tongues! The only thing that I care about is this thatI am obedient and following in Christ's footsteps.

Does The Bible Contradict Itself
GOD's word and his son Jesus word is the truth! They do not lie! What bible are you reading from?

Who is Robert Tilton?
He is a false teacher! I am not judging but he is what he is.

Did Jesus Die For All
Jesus died for all of us the just and the unjust! He has no respectful person. He died for all nationality of persons.

Church Is A Waste Of Time
The purpose of attending Church is for you to be taught and to worship and fellowship. But if you are not going to Church of Christ( which is Jesus's Church) then you might as well stay home.

Why Are Preachers Unsaved
The almighty dollar$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Pentecostal Church Got Saved
I just got to ask this question! Where in the bible do you see Pentecostal at? There is only one GOD one Christ, One Holy Ghost and one gospel, there is no devision in relegion, Church of Christ is the only church that matters! I have not read anything in the bible that states anything about man made religion.!

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Please show me where the Father called women too preach? Because, what I've read is this when Jesus rose on the 3rd day he told Mary to go and let the people know that he had risen,he didn't tell her to go up into the pulpit and preach.!

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
I beg to differ read I Corinthians and 2nd Corinthians and Timothy, and see what Paul saids about women preachers.

How To Have An Affair
Hi I am not judging only GOD can just but why would you come on here announce things like that on here? Like the moderator said stop the affair!

Christian Ten Commandments
Because, GOD's bible is the truth, and Catholics are false prophets. The truth in GOD"S bible is what it is the TRUTH. If it not in GODS bible it is nothing. There is no devision in relegion.!

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