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I Just Had A Miscarriage
I have to say that I was very disappointed when reading this blog. I was looking for Christian support, but found myself feeling more traumatized. If you have not experienced a miscarriage, whether you are Christian or not, you will never understand the pain, heartbreak and loss that results. I was so excited when I saw that there was a Christian blog, where I could discuss my experience with compasionate people who don't judge.

I Just Had A Miscarriage
I have never responded to a blog before, but after reading the heartless, judgemental comments about people's babies going to hell I was shocked. I am sorry, but it is not your place to judge, it is God's. Yes, we are all born as sinners, but that little baby didn't even have the opportunity to choose the Lord as his Savior. In my own personal opinion, a child can understand God, choose God, but an unborn child can not.

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