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Is Playing The Lotto Biblical
Seems I remember some verse about man making his living by the sweat of his brow (work) not by games of chance.

I know plenty of Christians whom gamble with their money, often to the point where it is obviously an addiction. The addiction part I am pretty sure would be called sin. Up to the point a real problem since God does not give to us, to give to games of chance. Our resources are supposed to invested in reaching others for Him.....

Praise God More Often
I think the answer is actually: if you want to please God - be obedient to His Word, what He tells you, where He leads you, remembering that yours may be the only face of Jesus that people around you will ever see.
Yes, rejoicing has its place, as does all you mention, but it is not the point of your existence as a Christian.

Explain Pro Choice To Me
Just another way to cloud what has become a Republican rallying cry during the election season.
When the world speaks of Pro-Choice, it really means they want no laws to stop mothers from killing their unborn.
As Christians I feel strongly that we should be on the opposing side, offering support and facilities for mothers not wishing to abort but being pressured to. Adoption is a very viable alternative.....

What Makes God Righteous
Believing in what God has revealed to you (assuming no contrary Scripture). Being committed in faith through obedience to His Word.

Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
I guess instead of "my way or the highway" I would offer to pay for her to be on the patch for however long it takes for her to kick the nicotine addiction. I did this for one of my friends and to this day he remembers whom cared enough for his health to help him stop.
I also lost my father to lung cancer, so I do have some very strong feelings on the matter.

Divorce After His Affair
Well, if we remember that Scripture says divorce was allowed based upon our own hardness of heart.....

And that his affair, is really his abandonment of his marriage. A biblical foundation for divorce.

And that were we in a just society he would be stoned to death.

The issue is really: must she keep him just because she is no long allowed to have her father and brothers and townsmen kill him for his betrayal?

How To Received Jesus Christ
Gees, where do some of these answers come from?!?

You have two questions in your statement, Jesus as Savior and Jesus as Lord.

A few people answered well concerning Savior. There are no magic words - just you admitting to God you need Him to cover the mess you make of your life.

To make Jesus Lord however, is to be willing to understand that you are His slave, He is your master, you are willing to do as told and think nothing of yourself in doing so. It is called obedience and of our having Him in our life and to be the point of our existence.

Worshiping The Beast
If you never read your Bible but read books about the Bible.
If you live your life based on "feelings", "emotions", etc but not based on faith.
If you seek after "signs and wonders".
If you worship the creation and not the Creator.
If you think more highly of yourself than others.
When you do not consider the plight of the orphans and widows.
When you call evil good and good evil.
When you betray your belief or others.
When you fail to put yourself at risk to help another.

Blinded Gentile Eyes
Not exactly sure of the context of the question here.....
But, certainly God hardens hearts of those whom oppose Him.

I have read several books where God has blinded the eyes of the non-believers, when it supports His goals. Thinking terms of Christians in hostile lands, people whom have smuggled Bibles, etc.

I Have Had Two Abortions
Assuming you have confessed this and are now a Christian, God forgave you. But we all struggle with forgiving ourselves of our pasts.
This occurrence in your life should be the basis of a wonderful ministry to young women. You should be able to speak knowingly and convincingly on the subject! Not from theory, or the Bible says, but from painful reality.
Satan, the great whisperer, is always active looking for ways to remind us of our past. Looking for ways to tells us we are unworthy because of the sins we are forgiven of! They are lies and when they crop up - turn them over to God and refuse to condemn yourself, because Jesus covered them with His blood and they are gone.

What Is The Gift Of Discernment
I see those whom claim the gift of discernment, usually they are people whom know their Bibles extremely well and can "judge" based upon their knowledge of Scripture. Cool, but not always because it is not supernatural in origin.

But I also know of the Gift of Discernment, to be able to "weigh" or "judge" all situations from God's revealed knowledge. Not a popular gift when actually practiced. You know good from evil intent. You know the lost. You know what separates individuals from God. You are moved to reveal what man can not know apart from God's revelation - for the express purpose of bringing the lost to salvation and even believers to repentance.

People Responsible For Actions
Looking at this from purely a Christian perspective, success or failure is a mute point. The question is what did you do with what you got?

If you think of the parable of the master and the slaves whom had been given certain amounts of talents, then your wisdom in using what God has given you is what is important.

Is Obama's statement correct? Only in a convoluted humanistic sense, under which there is no God and your success of failure is controlled by the good will of your government and willingness of people to use your product. But, I don't believe in a God-less worldview.

Spanking Teenage Boys
If you want to alienate your adolescent male, spanking will accomplish that for you.

Loss of privilege is your strongest weapon of choice.....

How To Reach Daughter-In-Law
So, you are not welcome at the moment, then slowly withdraw from hourly or even daily contact to the point where you are over maybe once a week?

Give them room to adjust to their newborn and be available. They will let you know if you have withdrawn too far.

But, also insist to see the new baby at least once a week!

I Can't Forgive Myself
My pre-Christian days were bad enough that they still haunt me. However, it took a few years for me to understand that God forgives and forgets. We can forgive ourselves, it is the forgetting that is hard. For me, that is good, to remember where I came from - so I will NEVER be that person again!

And we have an ACCUSER whom loves to remind us of our failures, both past and present. The goal is to not listen to him, to remember that you are now a child of God and not a slave to sin and death any longer.

And it may take you years of prayer to get past your past and reach that point of knowing you are forgiven and then forgiving yourself.....

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
whomever the moderator is, is right on! missionary dating does not work and only will expose yourself to trauma in the years to come that you were never created to experience.

do not even think of getting involved with someone whom you can not observe is already a Christian, preferably as mature or more, in the faith than you.

so you love him? you never should have given him the time of day. any pain you feel in walking away is on you - the Bible clearly tells you to - not get involved.

think he loves you? not if he is not a Christian because he can not understand what love is. hormones, yeah, he can understand those.

Does God Forgive Adultery
much as a runner has to be very careful of an ankle sprain - one whom has failed sexually, equally now has a spiritual injury which will need to be cared for and future injury avoided in the future.

you ask God, in faith, to forgive you - He will. you will still need to work on forgiving yourself though. and if you are a guy you need to get past the memories and visuals you experienced.

and then be guarded to remember that sexual activity is the domain of marriage, not hormones or opportunity.

Wrong Way To Pray
Generally, when God is not answering, I find three possibilities:

1) I should know the answer because it is covered in scripture or a spiritual problem

2) I am asking out of selfishness for my will to be done (heart problem).

3) God is saying wait, because now is not the time for action.

So any of those thoughts fit the situation?

Hebrew Greek Debates
The KJV was written in 1611, in old English, tranlated from Hebrew and Greek. To understand the truth you must understand that the words are not the English we speak now. Much is still being distorted due to the misinterpretations. Example, who knows the 'devils' real name? Where are all of the angels that sinned? I will not only tell you but show you in the Bible.

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