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Dungeons Dragons Demons
I played the game for a very short time, introduced by my husband. Wasn't really my speed, but I think the game is harmless if treated as just so and it doesn't absorb your whole life. It is an intelligent game, and from what i was told you cannot be an "pure evil" character, but you may encounter some in the game. Usually you go around destroying bad creatures and such with the roll of dice.

I recall a case once about these young adults who killed a couple and said they played Dunngeons and Dragons on a regular basis. To me people who are bad or evil already have those intentions in their makeup. A game will not lead a healthy sane person to do ill.

Tell Girlfriend About God
Hello, I am very new here.

I would try telling your girlfriend about all the good God has done in your life. Recall anything specific where God has truly helped you through things. Maybe God has brought you to her to try to help her learn of the beautiful ways of God. Best wishes.

No More Than We Can Bare
With most of the responses to providing a bible verse that says God will never give us more than we can bear, i have to agree with Molly. The scripture of 1 Cor. 10:13, deals explicitly with temptation and should not be said to be the bible verse that tells us God will not give us more than we can bear because i think the contrary rings true if you look towards other scriptures and the stories of Job, Jonah, Jeremiah, King Solomon, David and a heap more.
All those mentioned went through things that broke them down! However, through this they all turned to God. I believe God does allow us to be overwhelmed in order for us to rely on His strength and not on our own.

I Hate My Husband
Wow. I came across this blog the other day and have been haunted by the vitriolic response from Scott since. Thank goodness that somebody with sense has responded since. You are obviously in a lonely and absorbed place with feelings of low self esteem. You know in your heart this is not what you have aspired to or the path that God has planned. Go to Gods side. He will guide you. Focus on your health and on your children. Give them a good life. Maybe that will give an evironment that your husband will see what he is missing. If not then at least you and your kids can enjoy each other and life. The Lord is thy sheperd-He will lead you to pastures green.

All Abortions Be Illegal
I had one..was told it was much cheaper than having a procedure done via a hospital due to a complicated pregnancy with a fetus that may not have been developping properly and i had no insurance.some times we make choices that seem to make sense at the time but in hindsight we know it was not right.I stayed awake even the the guy doing it advised against it...I wanted to punish myself for having it done.I have never been the same since it.

Christians That Hate Parents
Sorry Donna but I am grown up. You just blurt that out without even knowing any back round of me or the purely evil breeders I came from. never mind ok.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
I think the only time it is a sin would be out of laziness,,slothliness ...or greed & deceptive reasons.

Visited By A Demon
Karen I hope for all that is good that you are making this up...if not this guy belongs far away from society...and you are just as guilty if he is abusing your son like that as well as yourself!Demon or whatever you want to blame it is NOT OK to be living with this guy. If he hurts others even outside your home you are equally to blame because you KNOW what he is doing and you know he is very capaple of hurting others just from what you have gone through...if it is demonic then you are enabling this demon to exist!Try that demonbuster site that i hear everyone in here referring to. Maybe you too have demons since you accepted its abuse

My Husband Does Drugs
UNEQUALLY YOKED...need I say more?

Is Harold Camping Correct
I believe that no one has tested his spirit. I can never get through to his radio show to test him. Please remember, God does instruct us to test the spirit. It's a simple test, but one he cannot pass if he is working for satan. Also, if he passes the test, I believe he does love the Lord and may be confused. God doesn't really have any regard for our wisdom. It's pretty simple. Either he saves you and opens your eyes and ears, or he does not. Which means you can study your entire life, like Harold Camping, but not have true meaning, interpretation of the bible. God said, seek and you shall find. He didn't say, seek Harold Camping and you'll find.

Let Your Light Shine Before Men
Matthew 5:16-...Glorify your Father!

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to cast out a demon, and I also would not go into this unless I was covered in prayer and had put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6).

A good first step is to have the person renounce the sin that the demon entered through. That breaks the curse, and the demon's legal right will be broken. Also, have someone with you who is also spirit-filled to pray and listen for a word of wisdom from the Lord. Truthfully, unless you feel a definite leading from God, I would get a minister who is experienced in deliverance to help your friend. Bob Larson has conferences around the U.S., and you might be able to find one near you.

I'm praying for you! Your friend is lucky to have you.

Where Is My Brother Now
Committing suicide is not the UNPARDONABLE sin against God, only unbelief is. If your brother knew Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour then he will be with God now. (If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, then you will be saved. Romans 10)

How To Lose Your Salvation
I agree with Mrs. Morgan - at the root of Cynthia's question is whether man has a free will or not. But God gave man a free will - to choose his destiny. Once a child of God always a child of God, but it's up to man to choose to walk with God's Spirit to his father's home - Heaven or walk with the devil to its home - hell. "But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15)!

Where Do We Go After Death
The "natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned" (1 Cor. 2:14). Spiritual discernment transcends the literal and the contextual. That's why it's spiritual!

Where Do We Go After Death
* We cannot try to understand the Spiritual in the light of the Natural. We can however understand the Natural in the light of the Spiritual.*

Well stated Marcia. The Spiritual realm and the natural realm are two different dimensions, but apparently understanding this is too much for brothers like Ryan who confuse the two, and who try to understand supernatural truths in the natural. They will never.

I Hate My Husband
ARE WE MARRIED TO THE SAME PERSON? You are not alone, I have been with my husband for 13 years and we have an almost 12 year old and an almost 2 year old. I too, don't believe in divorce, and though I have an associates in paralegal and BS in Personal Finance, he treats me like a 3rd grader. I am lazy and a joke (working full time). He is rich and the kids and I are poor.

What If I Don't Agree With Pastor
If your pastor is a reasonable person, bring your viewpoint to him/her and find a common ground between the two. However, if he is not a reasonable person, you really really really need the wisdom from God.... :-) Good luck

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