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Is New Age The Antichrist
new age is both spiritual and political. Marilyn Ferguson's The Aquarian Conspiracy (in support of all this) views the antichrist as a possible good guy.

there are notions that are false like antichrist system but the antichrist is an INDIVIDUAL however, the Theosophical Society and spinoffs Alice and Foster Bailey had powerful and classy followers and the Theosophical Society had a big hand in making the UN.

Is Purgatory A Second Chance
Maccabbees doesn't establish doctrine, but it proves the existence of a Jewish practice that was continued like Temple Liturgy into the Christian Church. purgatory as a separate place from hell is a distinct issue from praying for the dead. St. Perpetua waiting to die as a martyr didn't hesitate to pray for her dead unbelieving brother, so the earth church didn't teach against this. Paul spoke of Onesiphorus in the same terms the maccabbees spoke, that God have mercy on him on that day (day of judgement).

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