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Did Jesus Have A Soul
You folks come up with the darnest subjects...Did Jesus have a soul? Gimme a break, of course he had a soul. This is silly, like a bunch of children in 6th grade Sunday school class.

Call A Priest Father
Our Father, who is in heaven...
A Preist is a man (Still a sinner in God's eye's). The Catholic Church does not teach this fact when asking its members to call the Preist "Father". Why is that??

Do Demons Really Exist
Of course! Think of the pigs that cast themselves over the cliff after Jesus filled them with demons that were plauging villagers

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
Of Course they should. Love her and nuture her and pray for her.

I Love A Catholic Guy
The finest most kind man I have ever know was or is LtCol David Robinson..His is a charismatic Catholic. He attended mass every day. HE SPOKE IN TOUNGES, and was very, very insitefull. Condem no one but put your won house in order. Lets us not be concerned with the beliefs and rituals of other churchs. All churchs are ritualistic to some point.

Did Jesus Die For Everyone
He most certainly did die for everyone. His death on the cross paid the debt for sin once and for all. He died for the sins of the world. Pretty clear. The truth is that one must accept His death and resurrection personally for their sins to be forgiven.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
We need to put this abortion issue to rest. I do believe in abortion, so what, I am not a WOMAN. That has to be her choice, it's her body. Besides, is her sin greater than yours, mine? I don't think so, sin is sin and if she asks and if she repents, she will be forgiven.
No arguement, the Bible is finite, ask in the name of our savior and you shall be forgiven.

God Turned His Back On Me
Have you blasfemed the Holy Spirit? No, then God has not turned his back on you. Many think that God is going to solve all of their problems. No gonna happen. Dosen't mean we can't pray and ask for guidance and help, but help may come in many ways and shapes. Be alert.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
Questions such as these are silly...Please don't waste yours or anyone else's time with matters such as these. It's call FAITH, pure and simple.

Holy Spirit With Tongues
How do you know your filled with the Holy Spirit? Come on now. How do you know there is a God? FAITH.. Pure and simple. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and you believe he was born, dies on the cross, arose on the third day, asended to heaven and sits on the right side of God. Brother, Sister, you are saved and filled with the spirit. Don't worry about tounges. When the Spirit needs to speake through you, he will.

Are Catholics Christians
Oh for God's sake! Of course they are Christians. Some of you stiff lipped folks need to understand that there will be more than yourselves in Heaven.

In the Name of Jesus

God Bless

Remove Mark Of The Beast
In order for people to take this Mark Of The Beast it must be attractive enough for sinners to do so. Since this is a mini evil computer . the lost humans become cybourgs... Picture this...the chip is in and all you have to do is log on to your pc along with this chip and you can travel to some virtual world that seems real...The HUMAN travels into the internet...This will make it easy for people to want this...

Did Jesus Ever Get Sick
God is manifesting healing constantly in our bodies. He made our bodies to mend themselves while we sleep and rest. Every 7 years I am told, that every cell in our bodies is replaced, so that we have new bodies about every replacement cycle. This is how God created these fantastic bodies of ours, to manifest His healing power on a constant basis. However,I believe it requires faith to accept a condition and determine to glorify God in it, just as it does to receive healing.

Are Free Masons Demonic
As far as I am concerned, Free mason is not a demonic organization. While attending meets I have never ever heard or seen anything that was anti God, anti Christ, demonic or any other such thing. The mason's are not a secret organization, but an organization with secrets. And none of the "so called" secrets are anti God, Christ or any other such thing. I think we spend to much time pointing our fingers at others and not enough time in our prayer closets.

No Tongues Then No Salvation
Jesus is all about love. Your entirely to smug. Their tounges are between them and God. It's his to deal with is the least of our worries. So smill, lighten up. Pray for them.

Pastor's Wife Title
Dear Mayra, your question is an interesting one; however you have the answer. Your title is "Pastor's Wife" or "Wife of the Pastor." I have heard of other titles being used such as "The First Lady" but the honor of "The Pastor's Wife" supercedes all.

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