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What Is Jesus' Name
Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua.

Does Predestined Equal Saved
Rev.20:6 reads, Blessed and Holy is he that had part in the first resurrection, on such the second death has no power, yes they are saved, they were judged in the first world age and found to be rightous Rom. 8:30. They stood against satan in the first world age and God can trust them and use them against satan again when he comes claiming to be Christ. God bless

Did Cain Have a Nod Wife
Cain married a girl from Nod,she was a sixth day creation, Adam and Eve were created on the eight day, two thousand years later.

Is Predestination Biblical
We all lived in the first world age.2Pe.3:5-6, the first earth age was destroyed when satan rebeled.Jer.4:18-28.there was a judgement, satan was sentenced to parish.Ezekiel 28:18, the rest of us were also judged and those that fought on the side of God were found to be rightous,Romans 8:30 these are the elects, since they have been justified God uses them for his purpose. The rest get one chance and have freewill and have to accept Christ. God bless

Where Is Satan Today
Mark. You are right, everything I write should be checked out in the Scriptures. One of the places you find who is the antichrist is 2TH.2:1-4, there he is called the son of perdition, we know that there is only one person that was sentenced to perish and that is satan. Rev.12:7-9 tells us that satan will be thrown down to earth, that hasn't happened yet because we know from 2TH.2:14 that he will claim to be God and deceive many who will no longer be virgins when Christ comes for his Bride. For those who think it already happen, remember that one day for God is a thousand years for us, so he's been gone for only a couple of days.

Where Is Satan Today
Satan is still locked up in Heaven, he will be trown out on the sixth trumpet, sixth seal and sixth vial, thats why he is 666, he will not give rise to the anti-christ he will be the antichrist, satan is a copy cat, Jesus was known as the bright morning star [lucifer] now satan calls himself lucifer. Some people say he was cast out a long time ago because they do not know better, the Scripture is the only source of truth, cursed is the man that follows man. Always make sure by studying the Scriptures.

Are Commandments Important
If anyone wants to call themselves Christians they must follow Christ's teaching.Mtt,19:16-19, keep the ten commandments.

Why Was Jesus Coming Back
Jesus is coming back for the day of judgment, which will last a thousand year. He is coming with all those who have died since the beginning, everyone that is alive when he comes will die [change into our spiritual body] in the blink of an eye. Heaven will be on earth.

Doers Of The Law Justified
If we say we believe in Jesus Christ then we will follow the law to the best of our ability, if we don't then we don't have faith.

Where Does Our Soul Dwell
When we are alive our soul lives in our earthly body, when we die our soul returns to Heaven in our heavenly body 1CO.15:44

Does The Soul Exist After Death
2.Co.5:8 and Ecc.12:6-7 tells us that when the body dies it goes back to dust and the spirt or soul goes back to Heaven where it came from.

Does The Soul Exist After Death
Matthew 10:21 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death. In this verse death is just another name for satan, or the antychrist, satan causes the soul to die, a brother will deliver his brother to satan thinking he is Christ, remember 6 comes before 7.

Christ's Linen Napkin
Not sure looking for Scriptural proof of the Jewish custom. The folded napkin is representation that Christ will return.

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