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What Rewards Are In Heaven
I think some of the posters have their eschatology confused. God's physical creation is good (Gen 1), and will be renewed in the age to come. Humans, being physical creatures with souls, are going to be resurrected and live on this new earthly paradise. We aren't all going to live in the clouds as in a Renaissance painting. We're going to live on a renewed earth! Accordingly, our rewards will be far more 'earthly' than might be supposed. Just read the prophets.

How Can I Save My Marriage
Love your husband with all your heart, and pray to God as you have never prayed before. I'll pray for you too. What are your husbands reasons for wanting a divorce?

Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops
Oh, and let me add one other thing. Suppose this war really was about securing the US oil supply. My wife and I spend about $1000/year for gas. Thanks to the war we now collectively owe about $50,000 and that is going up each day the war continues unabaated. Think about that. With the money we now owe because of the war, we could have bought 50 years worth of gas for our car (not adjusting for inflation). If this war was about oil, then it is definetly an enormous failure for everyone except Big Oil.

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
I am not charismatic. You might consider my position as being 'open but cautious' towards charismatic phenomenon. As for being 'slain in the spirit', since this type of experience has been going on in the church throughought history (just read the church fathers!), and is still being experienced by genuine Christians across the globe, I would give your loved one the benefit of the doubt and believe them.

Celebrating St. Patricks Day
In point of fact, St. Patrick himself predates the Roman Catholic church, hailing from a time when Britain was still rather Orthodox, and not under the jurisdiction of Rome. The reason why it may be regarded as a 'Catholic' holiday, is because Ireland was eventually Romanized, along with all her saints, Patrick included. Although Christians should celebrate the memory of Patrick because he was a dear and faithful brother in Christ, he should never be worshipped as part of a Catholic pantheon of saints.

Sovereignty And Our Free Will
Phil, may I suggest that you are working with a false dillema? There is no tension between grace and free will, because grace establishes our free will. Without him we can do nothing. The fact that we have free will is no more contrary to God's grace, then the fact that we can think, have two arms and legs, etc. This is how the Lord saw fit to create us as human beings. The important thing is how we use our will. Shall we serve Christ or rebel against him?

Bush Adds 20,000 More Troops
More troops should not be sent if only because the US cannot afford it. As of 2004, each and every American owes at least $24,000 to Asian creditors to pay for the Iraq war, and that number has inceased dramatically! The average 4 person family, for example, owes at least $100,000. Can you afford to add that amount to your mortgage, student loan or car payments? Would you have supported the war if you knew it would bankrupt you?

Christians Follow Worldly Holidays
Let's not be myopic in our criticism. Worrying about individual holidays is inconsequential when the whole Western calender revolves around pagan gods, whether we refer to individual days (eg: Thursday = Thor; Firday = Frige; Saturday = Saturnus; etc.) or the months themselves (eg: January = Janus; March = Mars; May = Maia, etc.) We all tell time by the idols of Greece and Rome without exception, even the most fundamentalist of us.

Can Females Wear Pants
The important thing is to frame this discussion within the context of American culture. We live in a society that emphasizes sexual ambiguity and perversity. Men try to act as women, and women try to act as men, while true masculity and femininity is attacked by all. As Christians called to be separate from the world, we should seek to dress in a way that emphasizes the differences between the sexes and their respective roles. That did not involve pants and dresses in Moses' day, but it does in ours.

Requirements Of A Church
I would agree with many of the positive suggestions posted, and would only add a few negative ones: (1) Do not attend a church or denomination that believes in women pastors; (2) Do not attend a church that affirms the Bible's 'authority' or 'infallability' but not inerrancy; (3) Do not attend a church that affirms same-sex marriage or abotion; (4) Do not attend a church whose worship sounds a like a poor copy of your local FM Rock station.

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