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37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
Hi, I am a 18 year old guy and I am wanting to marry a 37 year old woman. I just want to know if I should go ahead and ask her to marry me, because my entire family is against me dating her already, if I ask her I know my family is going to disown me. I love her with all my heart, she has been nothing but good to me!

Why Was Levi The Priests
See Exodus 32:26-29. That should answer any question...

All Atheists Evolutionists
I really don't understand why any person that is an atheist would be on this blog. I understand that you have different believes, but to go on a website just to spite other peoples' believes is not only immature, its rude and it proves how idle handed you are. I have no intentions to cut anyone down, i just wish i could search the word "god" and not get a lot of people telling me why i shouldn't have the faith that i have in my heart.


Trinity Or Oneness Theology
The difference is your salvation! If you take away the Deity of Christ, you will have to answer for it on judgement day. God help your soul.

Explain John Chapter 3
No, he is talking about literal water. You have to be baptized in literal water and you have to be born of the spirit. You cannot put the two together. That is why the word AND is in there. If you read down the verse will tell you what happens to someone when they are born of the spirit. Then in Acts 2:2 you will find out what the sound he is talking about is. Two very distinct things. So you must be baptized in water (real water), ***AND*** you must be filled with Gods Spirit (born of spirit) No mysteries or deep scripture searches needed. It is very clear, and for those who don't know what born of the spirit is-- Acts 2:2 will tell you what happens, and the sound that accompanies those born of the spirit.

Explain John Chapter 3
Markv- If it does not mean literal water than why do they baptize in literal water? Seems wierd huh? Those apostles must be doing it all wrong again. And if you want to refer to the old testament, perhaps the Red Sea and the River Jordan are not literal water either? Right???????????? or perhaps Noah built a boat for fake water??

I Got Saved Last Night
Did you Get batized in Jesus name and Speak in other tongues as the spirit gave you utterance? If not, you probably do not have the Holy Ghost. (baptized of Water and Spirit) John 3: 5-8 and Mark 16:17- There will be a sound that accompanies EVERY ONE who is born of the Spirit. Unless Jesus is lying? The sound (speaking in tongues) will be described in Acts 2:2-4. So, a normal filling of the Holy Ghost has nothing to do with other (people) dancing around and Jumping. You will know, and will not have a doubt when you truly receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Don't be fooled, your salvation depends on it.............

Only Way To Baptize
I agree, full immersion is best. However, God knows your motives, so if it does not permit and your heart is right God will know what you intend.

Sure You Are Heaven Bound
What book and verse is that in again?

Sure You Are Heaven Bound
Peter Tells Us Exactly what we should do to be saved. Acts 2:38- Un-saved people are asking saved people, WHAT SHALL WE DO? If you follow the teachings of the apostles in the book of Acts you will be right on target. Acts is the only book in the Bible that gives word for word instructions on how to be saved. The other books in the New Testament (excluding Rev.) are written to already Saved Churches on how to stay saved. You cannot add or take away from the Gospel. Galations 1:8-9. If it is in the Bible obey it, if it is not in the Bible do not follow it. God does not make mistakes, Man does. Follow Gods word, NOT MANS, your salvation depends on it.

Are You A Born Again Christian
Acts 2:38 tells you exactly how to be born again- so If you haven't done as Peter Preached on the day of Pentecost- you are not born again. John 3:5-8 Is very specific in these verses that you have to be born of water and spirit to enter the kingdom of God. If you wonder what born of spirit is go to Acts 2:1-4. Many people try to find salvation in the Gospels and all the books after Acts up to Revelation, However Acts is the Step by Step instructions to UN-SAVED people on how to get saved. The other books that follow are to Saved (born again) churches on how to STAY SAVED. So if you do not follow the apostles doctrine you are not saved (born again).

Unclean Spirit In You
i have been struggling with with sexual Perversion and many other things including suicide.i am a christian and i read my word most of the time i get headaches sometimes when i read my word.i live in barbados and i am also a student at secondary school i really need help with these things and my word

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