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Oil Spill In The Ocean
Alan of U.K., your information is correct just not complete. The U.S. drillers warned BP engineers of the danger. BP gave orders to keep going, no subcontractor had the power to over-ride it.

Oil Spill God's Judgement
"God's judgement?" Most people see this disaster as an isolated incident and might think maybe not. There is something here being ignored. The reason oil continues to flow from this well is that the "blow-out preventer" failed, when the rig went down. When they cut/snipped the pipe it should have closed due to more flow or "blow-out", it failed a second time. There are alot of these on wellheads around the U.S. and the world, how many of them WILL fail? God's judgement may be yet to come.

Oil Spill In The Ocean
How bad is it? Well lets just say that without God's direct intervention there will be a sign that reads " Out Of Order " hanging on the gulf of mexico for a generation or more.

Afraid To Pray Out Loud
Pray in your mind, pray out loud or just talk to the Lord, makes no difference, God is listening!

How To Fix The Oil Spill
The government has advocated the use of chemicals to break down the oil. The press has also embraced this idea. That should let you know what a extreamly bad idea this is. These chemicals are highly toxic and DO NOT remove the oil, nor do they render it safe. They do just as implied they break it down and make it smaller, thus making it even harder to clean up. Oil companies love them because they hide the problem from view, yet do nothing to remove it. From oil slick to toxic soup, just add chemicals. May the Lord give them the wisdom to not do this.

How To Fix The Oil Spill
They are not going to nuke the well, the two relief wells will plug the leaking pipe sooner or latter. A third well will tap the existing oil, they are not going to abandon this well as many would like to think.
Every effort must be made to keep more oil from comming ashore. They need to build barrier islands by dredge and skim off as much oil as possible while still in the ocean. There are so many people out of work right now, why not put them to work on the clean up and make the oil company pay them.

Pastors Kids Are Worldly
Great question, made me think: If a man raises beef cattle, loves his work and his child becomes a vegetarian, should he never have become a rancher? If a woman is a great teacher and her child does not like school, should she have never become a teacher? Or is it that we hold them to a different standard?

Oil Spill Due To Obama
I belive you will find that God answered this type of question through Jeremiah 31:29-30 about 598 BC.

Are All People Bad
Punishment is not always a physical thing such as torture or being sent to prison. Punishment may also come in the form of witholding. Should the joy of knowing God be witheld from you, you are being punished.

Themes In The Bible
God leads mankind to wisdom. Man leads mankind to folly.

Favorite Name For God
The Lord (Common),Lord of Hosts (KJV),Lord Almighty (NIV),Lord Of Heaven's Armies (NLT)

How Should Obama Use Security
"Obama has now taken over our manufacturing, banking, health care, and insurance companies" is there a pattern? YES. Is it taking the U.S. in the wrong direction? YES. Is passing a law that will prevent wallstreet from "ripping off" the American public again a bad thing? NO.

How Should Obama Use Security
John, Just for the record:
I place my faith in God, I have no faith in governments!

How Should Obama Use Security
Lets all jump on the internet and harp on the bad things in our lives, lets point fingers and call people names. Whatever we do lets not give credit for some of the good things happening in the U.S. government today. Yesterday the congress started to slam the door on greed and corruption by starting to regulate hedge funds and derivatives, the two things directly responsable for the near collapse of the U.S.monitary system. My prayers were answered. But lets not talk about that because its a good thing.

My Wife Left Six Weeks Ago
Yes."ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find." Matthew 7:7

Husband Has Control Issues
If this is true: "The husband is the head of the wife", I take that as meaning he is the leader or maybe its better to say in a leadership position. When any leader who fails to listen to or communicate with those that he leads, the path he walks is into foolishness and maybe into destruction. No where in the Bible does it say the wife is a door mat.

Oil Spill In The Gulf The End
Just a reminder, the world ends for people each and every day. The fact is: if the flesh is born, it WILL die. The big question is will your soul live on? Best to be ready everyday, for everyday is judgement day for someone!

How Should We View Money
Concerning money, I hear "money is the root of all evil", or "the lack of money, is the root of all evil". I say money is not good or evil, it is just mankinds folly. But know this, those who worship money or that it the number one thing on there mind or pray to it/for it have broken commandment number one.

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