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Is Yoga OK For Christians
I'm glad that Christianity is not a popularity club. We can speak the truth in love; it you don't make it in with the incrowd, no big deal.
Yoga is yoga. Even Hindu's recognize that "Christian Yoga" is still Hindu. "Hatha Yoga is just exercise and cannot harm." Yoga poses (asanas) and breath control (pranayama) - occultic enlightenment, self realization. Relabeling yoga for Christians, an eastern occult practice rooted in paganism.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
The new standard for right and wrong,
"If it looks good and feels spiritual, just do it." Many Christians are doing the Salute to the Sun yogic postures. Christians are turning eastward and doing what holy Hindu men do - Yoga. Christian Yoga, a trendy hybrid of Hinuism. The Science of Breath. Hatha Yoga - spiritual union, reincarnation drawn from Upanishads and Hindu scriptures. Yoga is self culture. Discipline of the mind.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Centering prayer. There's even Christian mantras now. Where do you see Holy Yoga in the Bible? Trinity Yoga. Body Prayer. Get stretched out in worship with worshipful Hindu poses (asanas). Christianizing Yoga is deception. Yoking yourself with the Universal Consciousness. Christian Yogis have nothing to do with Jesus Christ

Is Yoga OK For Christians
"Yoga is the restraining of the mind (chitta) from taking various forms (vrittis)." Swami Yogananda, termed yoga the "science of mind control." "Yoga," "is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevents all men, of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit." He clarifies definition: "yoga, 'union,' science of uniting the individual soul with the Cosmic Spirit.

Some are misinformed.

Personal Testimonies Important
Prodigal24, are you saying your interpretations are above the Bible, what you may be hearing through your eargate or some other gate? In other words, are you telling us that your prophetic interpretation supercedes Scripture?
If so, no thank you. You are exactly the type of prophet I would run from.

Personal Testimonies Important
Purpose of a personal testimony +


Include one or two Scripture reference that God used to change you heart and be able to quote them from memory
Be aware of cross cultural teaching issues when sharing your testimony in other cultures

Personal Testimonies Important
Avoid references to specific people, churches or denominations, especially in a negative or critical connotation (e.g "I used to belong to that church and it was a dead church and then God opened my eyes")
Avoid an argumentative spirit, your testimony is not designed to defeat people, it is not a debate you are trying to win, but a statement of what God is doing in your life
Avoid high pressure sales tactics

First Century Church Services
Robyn, if you didn't care, then why did you bother to answer.

Confusion On Speaking In Tongues
The only ones who are confused about it, are the ones who don't believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
If you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, God gives you the interpretation.
It's not a mental activity and cannot be faked. There are false tongues spoken by false religions, but those can be quickly identified as counterfeit.
The Holy Spirit gives good gifts, and doesn't give you a counterfeit.

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
mark B is Donna, she invited the JW's into her home. It went over like a lead balloon.
She wanted scriptures, scriptures, we gave them to her, told her not to have them over.
It's not "love" to invite them in, the Bible says not to. Some have to learn everything the hard way.

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