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Can I Date A Man Again
In such a case, would a civil divorce be recognized by God a a divorce?

What Is Your Favorite TV Show
U.S. taxpayers are being forced to subsidize a new form of state religion which holds that natural resources have to be protected for the sake of Gaia, a so-called Earth spirit. This religious movement, which has cult-like qualities, is being promoted by leading figures and organizations such as Al Gore, broadcaster Ted Turner, and the United Nations. Hmmm..

Are Mary Appariations Demons
Helen said: "The apparitions of Mary are demon spirits pretending to be her." ----

Helen, you are displaying dangerous presumptuousness.

Solve My Riddle
God doesn't have the time to waste like some do :)

Another Sign Of The End Times
It was definately a sign of his 'end time'. A Pope back in the 1300's who was said to have the gift of prophecy, described every Pope after him until the last one. According to his calculations, the new Pope will be the next until the last one. I must admit at reading his prophecies, they were uncannily correct. He even said that the late Pope John Paul would be injured from one trying to kill him, he was shot and people close feared for his life. Who knows but God?

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