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Who Invented Evolution
God "invented" evolution.

Enoch Walked With God
It says, "And he was not." If Enoch no longer "was," he must have died.

Yeshua For His Son
Wayne is just trying to raise some hackles around here and have a little fun with you. You don't need to take him seriously! :-)

The Sin Of Tradition
The formalist churches are orderly and the informalist churches can be chaotic. But if Christ is preached in either setting, then there's no problem, is there?

Never Have Sinned
Alan, Paul says all have sinned. There don't seem to be any exceptions in his mind.. Is Mark Eaton implying that all dead babies born of nonchristian parents will burn in hell? St. Augustine thought so, and maybe Mark agrees...

No Crying In Heaven
Donna, it says that every tear will be wiped away. If there were no crying in heaven, there would be no tears there to wipe away in the first place. So there is crying in heaven.

Yeshua For His Son
Alan, I have no idea where these people get all their crazy ideas. YHWH is unpronounceable. No one has heard it properly verbalized for a couple of thousand years. The New Testament Greek spelling of Jesus is "Iesous". That looks a lot more like "Jesus" than "Yeshua". So I guess because of the way they spelled the Lord's name, the New Testament writers were pagan and so Christianity must be pagan too. How silly...

Xmas Is Same As Christmas
Xmas is to Christmas as Xtal is to Crystal. There is no moral character to any of these words.

Mother Is A Confirmed Atheist
In any case, the saved daughter in heaven will get to look down on her unsaved mother writhing in hell for all eternity. How will she feel about that?

What Is A Christian
Trav and Warwick, it is you who disrespect God, projecting your own dislike of humanity on Him, who loves us and intends to save us from sin. But God will have mercy on you because "His mercy endureth forever" (repeated in Psalm 136 twenty-six times!). God love you, and God be with you.

What Is A Christian
Hi again Warwick, you are absolutely right: God is "not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." God always gets what he wants, or else He is not God. "Who can resist His will?" No one. But your god is weak and dependent upon human will. Who could respect such a god....

What Is A Christian
Warwick, your God has no love in himself. Any "Father" who would consign most of his children to eternal torture is no father. No human father would consider doing such a thing to his children unless he was stark-raving mad. I wouldn't give your God the time of day. He's just plain evil.

What Is A Christian
The God of the Old Testament advocates genocide (see especially the book of Joshua), while the God of the New Testament advocates loving one's enemies. They are quite different.

What Is A Christian
Trav, good. You got it. Now just go feed the hungry and shelter the homeless, etc., and you will avoid having to gnash your teeth. Have a good weekend!

What Is A Christian
Trav, you wrote, "Ur scripture skewed a's feed the sheep." If you read Matthew 25, it is the SHEEP who feed hungry and clothe the naked. Now I see that your knowledge of Scripture is rather narrow. So I guess you don't feed the hungry, etc. I figured you didn't have time for such things.

What Is A Christian
Hi again Trav, the sheep feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and visit the imprisoned. So I assume you do those things, since you know they identify you as the true Christian when you aren't here fulminating.

What Is A Christian
Hi Warwick- that's fine that the Bible is your authority. You interpret it one way and another Christian interprets it another way. You may be right or he may be right. Or neither of you are right. There's no way to know for sure who is right. A pity.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
Trav, if you feel complimented by worshiping an evil and hateful god, then we can just let that speak for itself. On the upside, your remarks get you a lot of attention, which, I'm now convinced, is your primary purpose here. Enjoy!

What Is A Christian
There are so many hundreds of Christian sects that it is not possible to know what a Christian is. A pity.

Obama Gives Muslims Power
Trav, you are a reflection of the god you serve. I don't know who that god is, but he is certainly evil, hateful and unlovable.

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