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Just Lost Husband And Need Help
I, too, just lost my husband, on Dec.31, 2010, I believe to cancer. Doctors were not sure what all was wrong. I am surrouded by family now, but what happens afterwards when you are alone. I am dreading it. I am 61. My husband was 65. I felt too young to die. Hard to come to terms with it. Know that I am praying for you and thanking God for helping us. D

Explain Isaiah 48:16
The speaker: God.

How does the speaker of the New Testament speak? Hebrews 1:1-2 OT - God spoke to fore-fathers by the prophets, like Isaiah.
NT - God speaks by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Better Question: Who is the source of all of God's messages? John 8:26 - "...He that sent me is true, and I (Jesus, God the Son) speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him (God the Father)."

Signs And Wonders
It is not "a magician" that we are witnessing his identity, but whether or not Jesus is the Son of God. {Son of God is the focus of our attention to miracles and wonders He performed in the Bible accounts.} These signs evidenced that He was who He claim, because no one over history has total authority over all creation. Only God, who He claimed to dwell in Him, and Jesus in his Father fulfilled all miracles at the will and command of the Father, God. {Please note 25% of the gospels accounts spoke of the multitudes that could not recieve Jesus message, because they would not equate his message beyond human reasoning.} 1 Corinthians 12:3 tells us that no man can call Jesus "Lord" except he be born-again by the Holy Ghost.

Is Jesus God Or A Son
Matthew 22:41-46 Mark 12:35-37 & Luke 20:41-44 the Lord Jesus Christ asks the question: What think ye of Christ, whose son is He? His answer. Christ as God, He is Lord, Christ as man, He is the Son of David. In otherwords, He is fully man, the ancester of King David, but also, He is fully God, God the Son, and Lord. In Luke 1:35 announces to Mary, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you, and so the Holy One being born will be called God's Son." In John 1:14 we see this "Holy One, God's Son" as the only-begotten, which means no other son but this one, who is very God, sent by his father, God, for the purpose of making redemption possible for lost humanity.

Forgive But Not Forget
Yes you must forget to really forgive. But no one can forgive without Jesus Christ's help.

How Does God Speak To You
When I pray about something that is troubling me.I ask for wisdom to solve problems in life. It may be days, but when I lay down at night and start thinking about
what I had prayed about,God will give me the answer in my head.It will be a solution to the problem.This is just one example.

What Is A Judgemental Christian has been my experience that Christians do substantially more judging without relationship than non-believers. If our motive is to help others remove sin from their lives, we need to invest in those people by showing love authentically. We get ZERO jewels on our crowns if we say all the right things with the wrong heart and wrong motives and no one listens. If you love people with the same kind of love that Jesus lavishes on ALL PEOPLE (God so loved the WORLD), there will be no drawing back.

Who Wrote The Bible
Why can't the Bible be God's divinely inspired Word written by humans AND a historical record? Parts of the Old Testament were known only as "oral tradition" prior to being written in scrolls. Isn't it possible that some words may have been mis-dictated? But if God is as powerful as Christians believe, isn't it possible that the One who spoke "let there be light" could possibly get his point across to humanity in the written word? Doesn't the Truth show itself in the continuity of the whole Book? The themes of Love and humility go throughout...but the Old Testament is filled with death, war, murder, unfaithfulness - while the New Testament leans more toward Jesus' new way. But is there contradiction?

A Short And Ugly Man Likes Me
sexual attraction is not everything, but is the beginning. if you don't have a beginning, you will never have ANYTHING. Everyone knows that. Stick to the basics. You will have no possibility of happiness without physical attraction. Period. Good luck.

Are Demons On Earth Now
I know demons are on earth and are fallen angels. I have a deliverance ministry and have spoken to several demons who confirm this is true.

Economy Is In A Recession
The world changed too quickly, without time to adapt. Half the U.S. population is unemployed or underemployed. Jobs they trained for are "offshored" or eliminated. We have no manufacturing now, the foundation of an economy. The countries that inherited our jobs are building economies and will recover sooner than we. They have the foundation now. Maybe it's too late for our government to save our economy. If so, we the people of the united states will hope that the next world power acts more wisely than our government has. This "bailout" or "rescue" is a bandaid that will fail because it only addresses symptoms, not the underlying diseases that have devoured and destroyed the health of our economy.

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
First of my answer is yes that mother-in-laws need help also. 08/28/06 i admitted myself in a 18 month substance program because i was dealing with alcohol and drugs and i thank God each and every day because God has delivered in a mighty way. Any addiction needs to be addressed as soon as possible.I'm involved in bible believing church and today i have 2yrs sobriety and i give God the highest praise. I couldn't have done anything if ihadn't put God first.

Your Brother in Christ!!

Wish I Had A Life Partner From God
Trust in God's word and be obedient to His Word. Even if the life partner never comes, you are guaranteed God's love as a believer.

I Am 19 And Love A 42 Year Old
How does this man feel about you? If you both
truly love one another, and it's not just infatuation, then it shouldn't make any difference what others think.

Refinance My Mortage Now
I think this is a good time to refinance especially if their mortgage is due again. You can refinance a loan as many times as you want. I don't think its going to get much lower.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
I don't know if it would be a sin. Altho sometimes a person just gets in over their head and that maybe the only way out. I think if they prey about it and they still feel good about it then its ok.

Salvation For Catholics
Wow, ALWAYS a debate, which I believe is probably what started the post-Martin Luther church anyway. Catholics do NOT believe in salvation by works or by rituals. It's pretty plain: Jesus died for us. Believe in this, and you are saved. Period. Now, what we do here either rewards or consequences us, but the salvation does not go away. I wonder if we all Christians would put as much energy towards our Lord as we do arguing theology and doctrine, what fine Christian people we would be??

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