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Pray For President Bush
The criticism is not "misguided", it is not strong enough! He has insulted God by invoking His name. Bush thinks that calling upon God for help will help him look humble yet wise. He's exceptionally stupid to do so. Cronyism, laisse-fair economics, Texas diplomacy (shoot first) have ruined us. It will take at years of diplomacy and generosity to make the world see us in the light we had before.

Pray for him? Yes, - pray for him not to damage anyone or anything else before he leaves.

Is The U.S. A Christian Nation
Is the United States a Christian-biased nation? Yes. Too many people are too intolerant of other religious ideologies (Truthseeker is an obvious example). Not so long ago, a driver's license in Greece stated what religion you were (because the Geek Orthodox Church is subsized by the government). Ask your Christian neighbors if they would like to see this kind of government-sponsored discrimination. An embarrasing amount woul answer "yes!"

Why Are There So Many Churches
Why do we have so many sects? Probably because after 2000 years, many Christians still can't get it right. Churches are built on man-made doctrines and, therefore, are flawed even though they profess to be "true". They are also righteously arrogant with these doctrines. Rules, rites, "revelations" all are focused upon instead of basic respect of neighbor.

Magdalene Married To Jesus
Since only canonized Biblical replies are allowed, I cannot state what I believe about the Gnostic Gospels, but throughout the ages, both Christ's divinity AND his attributes as a human being have been stressed. To see him as completely asexual negates him as human - at least to some degree. He wasn't only a man when he was on the cross. He was, in fact, a human being for a much longer time than his recorded ministry.

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