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I Want A Traditional Church
I was first babtised and attended a Babtist chuch. Later in life as I learned that denominational churches seem to be judgemental in some degree towards other denominations, I started to research when the different denominations were established. That is something I think everyone should do to help open their eyes that denominations were established in 1700,s,1800's,1900's,etc. Well,I like to go to a non-denominational Christian church (building)) to worship with other Christians that just follow the Bible without emphizing certain doctrns.

Explain 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
Imagine on some Sunday morning in church that a minister or priest stands behind the pulpit and reads a letter from Paul to the 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Also imagine that most of the woman are listening and are not just trying to control their children or checking out other womans hats. What would you do as a woman? How would it make you feel?

Explain 1 Corinthians 14:34-35
I'm sick to my stomach reading all your interpretations of the Word of God. You manipulate the text to how you see fit in todays world so not to ruffle any womans feathers. The words are black and white. woman should remain silent in the churches, women are not allowed to speak in church, woman should ask their husbands at home, it is a disgrace for a woman to speak in the church. Paul does not say that these rules are only for Corinth or that they are only to create order or that there is any other condition set upon these rules. Stop making stuff up. When will you learn that Paul is putting woman in their rightful place behind men. I do not understand why any woman would attend church once she has read the bible.

Is Suicide Wrong
Nothing that is God's can be taken from him. If this person was a christian, then they belonged to God. Suicide is a horrible thing affecting many many families today. It is so sad that so many feel they have no where else to turn, when our heavenly Father is there just waiting for them to turn to Him. Working in the mental health field, I see all sorts of mental illness that rob people of their lives each day. They struggle continually with an illness that society does not understand and apparently feels like it is something they can catch. When witnessing be compassionate and empathetic to this young mans pain while pointing him to our loving Father.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
Joel's preaching is sort of like the icing on the cake. I am mostly a Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar watcher (both have terrific scripture revelation) and both of these minister's have deeper teachings. Joel is the "icing" when you just want to know things will be ok. One thing that terribly distresses me about Joel ( & I do like him) is that he charges to go to his conferences! $42-$500 per ticket! Joyce Meyer's conferences are free - of course they pass an offering bucket as in any church. But I have to question, does Joel not trust God to provide for him?

Happy Mother's Day To All
Praise God for all mothers! The most important and most rewarding job is also very difficult. Lord lift up the mother's today and forever. Give them strength, compassion, and discernment during the tough times.

How To Love Step Children
I think alot depends on the age of the step children. My two are both 4 and I've been in their lives since they were 2 and a half. 9 times out of ten they call me Mama (cupcake is their other name for me:) and we get along so well people think they are my biological children. This has made it very easy for me to bond with them and I can honestly say I love those little girls like I carried them. i think with teens it is alot harder.

I Don't Like My In-Laws
I am the same way, in every single way. My husband and I will do something then when we see his mother and tell her she ALWAYS has to say ohh well that's nice they did that but it was funny or something like that. It's getting to a point where I am getting fed up with it but I'm not saying anything because their my in-aws and I respect them.

Do You Know What Sin Is
I heard recently that sin was anything that goes against Gods will.

See Demons Everywhere
When someone is in spiritual bondage of some sort, the best thing you can do is pray. Prayer is powerful! When you pray in God's will, you know He will give you what you ask. You may not see the results at once, but just because you can't see it doesn't mean that changes aren't taking place. Pray faithfully for your friend. NOTHING foils Satan's schemes like prayer does!

Why Do We Need To Pray
I used to pray for a lost friend without expecting God to answer. But He did! Before I started praying for her, I talked to her about Jesus but she didn't get it. She twisted my words because she misunderstood. But after I began praying for her, she began asking ME about Jesus. Out of nowhere a ton of questions. And she understood my answers! I shared the plan of salvation with her. She didn't accept Jesus herself, but she went and told one of her friends. Then THAT friend accepted Jesus!

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
If you have accepted Jesus to be your Lord, YOU ARE SAVED. Period. See Romans 10: 9-13. Smoking isn't the best thing for your body, and your body is the temple of the Lord, so it's a good idea not to. But if you do, it doesn't mean you're going to hell. But please, if you think God is convicting you to stop smoking, STOP. If he tells you to do something, He will give you the ability to do it.

Give Daughter Back To Abuser

I just recently found out that my husband sexually abused my 4 year old daughter. I am in the process right now with getting an order of protection against him and also the police have a pending case against him. It is not easy, but you are her mother and you have to take care of her. Your husband betrayed you as well as your daughter. You should never ever put your daughter in harms way again by being with him. You need to get away from him and never go back.

Can Ladies Wear Pants
This very subject is why alot of people don't go to Church. To force people to wear certain clothing, sing only certain types of hymns, not to clap after a special song is sung, or not to attend public school, or not to go to the movie theater, etc. This is Legalism.

Evolution versus Creationism
Can anyone who takes the Bible literally explain to me why it says you have to murder your family under certain circumstances (see Deuteronomy)? Can we just ignore this part? And if we can just ignore the parts that don't make sense, why can't we just ignore the whole thing? Thanks for your time.

Bikini Swimwear For Christians
I think there is too much judging going on.
Adam and Eve were naked until sin entered the world and made them feel ashamed.I thank God for all the beautiful things he has created in this world including women in bikinis.

Do You Know What Sin Is
I heard recently that sin was anything that goes against Gods will.

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