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Are Some Miracles Fake
I have been to several churches. I have heard tremendous praise and worship that brought me to my feet, my hands upraised to Him. At the last, those who wanted prayer went up and waited. As they were anointed,they were forcibly pushed backwards,some even resisting.There were men stationed behind to catch the person so they would not fall heavily, but, be gently laid down and a blanket thrown over them until they were ready to get up. I don't know if anyone was healed.This practice has become very prominant among the Pentecostals and Non-denominationals.Personally,I avoid these churches.

Christians Casting Out Demons
Hasn't anyone noticed that I do not capitalize satans' name? satan means: Adversary. He is so defeated, that we don't owe him a capital letter. Unlike The Most High, satan is not omnipresant. I believe satan is now in the mid-east. He especially hates Jerusalem,where he will make his final stand.

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
She is now in her almost sixteenth year of bondage.Her story goes: I found out in 1992 when I felt something molesting me. She had fallen away from God and had opened doors for the devils to enter. Going back to church did not help as the Minister could only anoint her.No other church could either, tho they prayed in tongues and tried deliverance until they were exhausted. She went to the Deliverance Directory on the Innernet. No deliverance minister listed there was able to help.She tried many. Her torment became so great, she thought of suicide,but kept her faith in God.She remains in torture,keeping the faith.

Faithful Christians Are Attacked
God said:" I am the God that healeth thee." KJV. Many can not be healed because of unbelief. Smith W. criedupon seeing a dead child,whom he,(through his anointing,)brought back to life.He cried, knowing what SIN does. (Sins of the Fathers visited upon the children.) In most instances,when one is sick, there is a spirit at work. Without deliverance, there can only be a temporary healing,because the spirit of Infirmity has not been cast out. Yep, here I go again,but listen up! I once knew a lady with bone cancer, who was healed through praise and worship through her own voice! What a testimony! Throughout her agonizing ordeal,she sang and hummed praise to God,the spirit of Death had to leave!

See Demons Everywhere
Carla5754 Ditto! Yes,---UNBLEIEVERS. I would be a bit dense to expect everyone to agree with me. And like I said earlier, I do not write about things of which I am ignorant. To those who think Iam giving demons too much publicity, well if you are confident in Yeshua and your salvation,you can't go wrong by learning why this world is so war-torn,why thee are so many murders, rapes,ect. If I had children, I wouldn't alow them to play in the front yard without supervision! The D word is behind all this.

See Demons Everywhere
Mark, you will find my explanation about the mystry of the girl and the Free Masons somewhere on this blog. To a first time reader of Christianet,thier first reaction might be what is WRONG with this horror stricken girl!

Spiritual Warfare Weekend
PUL-EEZE! Allow me to make something clear that seems to have some of the bloggers stumped! About the girl who was seeing demons and was so frightened that she couldn't move. Listen--it was seeing the demons that was frightening her into IMMOBILITY. not the fact that there may have been cult activity in her lineage. I only mentioned Free Masonery,because this cult has damaged more children than any other legally accepted Charity (?) There are more. But it was the demons frightening her--not the Masons, possibly in her generations! Am I clear now?

Are Demons In Everything
No, I do not worship my Karaoke.I only sing Hymns, Praise and Worship. Nothing is recorded on the machine that doesn't pertain to God. I do know the Word, having learned it for almost forty years now, so now you know that I have a Bible! God inhabits the praises of his people. The machine sits on the table, the Word lives in my heart. Now, I sing to him Acapella. But, I did "admire" the Karaoke.

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