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Christians Casting Out Demons
Frances, you gave no Bible scriptures to back up your assertion that satan does not have access to God. It is my belief that he does if the Word says he accuses the bretheren day and night before God. The Book of Job reveals a conversation between God and satan.How do you get past that? True satan was cast out. but,we must believe the Word.You know we are entitled to our opinions.But, I believe the Bible to be the infalliable Word of God.

What Is The Worst Sin
What is the WORST SIN? Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.To reject Him altogether. When Christ was accused of having a devil, He responded to the people in effect that they would be forgiven for accusingHim of that. But that to speak evil of God, will not be forgiven in this world, nor the world to come. I have often read that if we fear that we have commited the Unpardonable Sin, it usually means that we haven't.Please be advised that satan will do his utmost to convince you that you have.

See Demons Everywhere
To the Blogger who wanted to know why the girl wasn't able to move,perhaps because someone in her family or lineage may have been into Free Masonry,please be advised that it is the demons possibly contacted by this activity that are holding the poor girl in immovable horror--not the cult. If you wish to know more aboutthe enemy, I suggest you visit your local Christian Book Store and read what everyone should know about them. They are evil and looking for anything anti-God, as a way to inhabit a person. I suggest you learn about Generational Curses too. I do not blog about things I am ignorant about!

Are Some Christians Wicked
I listen to the teacher of the Torah.I am convinced that the word wicked means a candle wick. It also stand for sin and evil.It will always mean evil in the King James and all other versions.

Are Some Christians Wicked
Unfortunately,some who call themselves "Christian" are wicked.(twisted, warped and deceived.) Many are called, but few are chosen and time is running out! I am an exhorter and I think we should all spend as much time in prayer as possible.James 4:7 Resist the devil and he will FLEE from you, pray without ceasing. Make your calling and election sure! Cleanse your hearts, ye double-minded!

Financial Collapse In USA
Yes, the financial collapse of America is inevietable, Actually God has given us time to repent. Sins have consequences and we are in for a spanking--one that will really hurt. But, I won't preach.

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