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Are Demons On Earth Now
They are here in very high numbers and they do have human bodies. please look at Daniel 2:43..they will mingle with the seed of men . Also check out Rev.9:7 they will have the face of a man.
One last one that I think is relevant , 2nd thessalonians 2:11..strong delusions to believe a lie.
wake up man ! they're here..they're being born as humans and cloning living humans.

People Don't Believe In God
Because they think there's no evidence that God exists. Many people think that humans wrote the Bible, so they're not convinced by it. Every religion gives people personal experiences, so many people don't find that type of story convincing. Most of the other reasons for believing in God are based on what we DON'T know. They call these god-of-the-gaps arguments.

Did Jesus Ever Get Sick
The prophet Isaiah says that Jesus was familiar with disease. According to a specific translation of chapter 53, Jesus was even tempted with disease, yet He committed no sin. Given that the devil severely struck Job with sickness, I can't imagine he wouldn't do at least the same to Jesus.

Acne Scars Causing Depression
Just found some information on natural cream Melt made by Ovante for post acne scars and would like to share it.

Why Should I Believe The Bible
I'm just curious if anyone can provide any sound arguments as to why the scripture of the Christian religion is to be believed as opposed to the scripture of any other randomly selected religion. From an objective point of view ( i.e. not starting with a faith in Christ, or any other religious tradition) - by what criteria is one to choose between one religions written claims and anothers?

How Do You Get Saved
to put it simply the bible dosent say "to ask jesus into your heart"

How To Become Saved
There is only one answer to this question. Putting our hope and faith in Jesus Christ, all baptism does, is sympolize that relationship. It is like a wedding ring you get for being married. Jesus is the only way to be saved, if thats not true, then dieing on the cross was pointless. God sent his son for me. End of story.

Killing Innocent Animals
God is righteous and therefore must punish sin."the wages of sin is death."Rom. 6:23 instead of humans suffering for their sin, God in His love for mankind allowed animals to die in their place, only until God came in the flesh (Jesus) and died for our sins, which was done cause "its not possible that the blood of bulls and goats could TAKE AWAY sins", Heb. 10:4, animal sacrifices were done to COVER man's sins only, so they wouldn't suffer from God's righteous wrath for their sins.

Is Jesus also God
Matt. 28:19 Jesus says "...baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" if these three don't agree as being One (God), then why would He say "be baptized in the name of the F,S, and H.S."? Gen. 1:26 "God said let US make man in OUR image" in the Bible the Father, the Son, and the H.S. are called God. There so much more to say about the Bible making it clear Jesus is God, there is not enough room to show all the verses! read for yourselves

Metal Music Good As A Christian
hardcore metal music isn't the best thing for a christian (or anybody for that matter) to listen to. Because of the music's ungodly message and darkness, it can cause a christian to stumble or drift away. remember were told "deny ungodliness..." Titus 2:12. i think if you relieve yourself of the "weight" of hardcore metal music, (see Hebrews 12:1)and listen to Christian music instead, that it'll help and bless you in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. i hope that helped! God bless

Are Instruments In Church Evil
God told us how he wanted to be worshipped and it did not include instruments He didnt have to say not to use them because he told us what to do and that was sing. That leaves all else forbidden. Man interjected the instruments which is displeasing to him. All muscial insturments were mentioned in old testament which we are not under.

AOG Or Baptist Church
It's hard for me to sit in any place where i can't agree with the majority. How would you feel? I feel left out on something or less spiritual. "The outsider". This is really no different than asking me to go enjoy sitting in a Catholic service... no offence but it's not my cup of tea. So I have to ask myself. Do I join a church and sit in disagreement for the next umpteen years or not? I'd do it for my wife.

Yes Post Your Grieving Blog Here
"i've lost far too much to be able to post it here. Since then, only a very very small fraction has been restored, but the soul is still gone.
---Eloy on 5/4/05"

Eloy are you Elroy? Did you write Three Easy Steps How to Lose your Faith?

Is Pope John Paul II In Heaven
ROFL, whaaa hahahaha, Jack.
Fruit of the Loom.

Husband Wants Pretty Women
It might be acceptable for Ortho's to turn a blind eye for adultery, but would you please provide Book, Chapter, Verse validating that it's alright to suffer with a man that commits adultery to the third degree? If the heartache doesn't get her, a disease might.

Do Catholics Know History
Here's the thing, when Ortho isn't here making his usual barbed wire observations, you wonder where in the world did he go.
It's strange, but without a dose of his critical judgments, the blogs become bland.
The discussion dies.
A healthy dose of elitism helps the boredom go down by the wayside.

Do Catholics Know History
Yes, I would rather read, pop-evangelicals ain't got no class, than....
I'm Sister Angelica, I haven't looked at a man in 14 years. I can hardly wait for my prince to come. Someday he will, we'll ride off into the sunset. All of the creeps I've been hanging out with, don't deserve me.
I'm so pretty, and tastefully dressed, I might add, I look like one of Charlie's Angels. But until my MAN gets here, call me Sister Angelica.
No, I would rather read, 'Pops' ain't got no class.

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
Don't you ever wish all of the TV preaching would go off the air. Wipe the slate clean and start over. It's so polluted with the prosperity gospel and whatever else, that it would be better if it disappeared. Then people would have to go back to church or read the Bible themselves.
The money changers would have to buy their own gas for jet airplanes or actually go out and get a job. It would be better, it really would

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