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What's Up January 2012
Trish thanks for your prayers please keep praying he is still not feeling well. He has a doctors appointment this morning. Thanks to all who are praying. God Bless

Did God Cause Haiti Earthquake
Carla,just for information, I saw the news where some of the Haitians were having Christian rites over their loved ones and nearly all were mixed with Voodoo rituals too. Voodoo is practiced widely on Haiti and this is one reason many are pointing fingers and saying the Haitians brought it on themselves as Gods vengence upon their Country. I don't agree. I do know that those who practice Voodoo don't have the favor or any kind of working relationship with God therefore they don't belong to him and he is under no promise to help those who follow other Gods. Bottom line for Christians to pray and care about the terrible thing which has befallen Haiti and out of compassion for a fellowhuman do what they can to help.

Online Emotional Affair
If you tell your husband it may ease your guilt but it will hurt him badly. You did a very selfish thing in partaking of that evil,another evil would be to tell him and hurt him just to ease your guilt. Proverbs 12:23 A prudent man concealeth knowledge:but the heart of fools proclaineth foolishness. If you do the right thing you will go to God,tell him you repent of your evil sin,ask God for forgiveness,not your husband,and start with a clean slate between you and God. After you have truely repented put it away. Proverbs 11:13 A talebearer revealeth sevrets:but he who is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter. Never tell anyone,take that secret to your grave. Stay close to God and your husband and you won't be tempted.

My Husband Desires Other Women
I have the same situation, myself. I have had a lot of years and heard a lot of excuses as to why my husband can't leave his ex-husband alone. If I could catch him in bed with her, I would get a divorse, but as it is, that is impossible so I give it to God to handle. I pray it will be a quick job because sometimes I feel it is too much stress wise on me to continue with these angry feelings of being deceived almost every day with lies. You can't claim adultery, but you can claim unfaithfulness and putting a stumbleing block in front of your relationship with the lord.

Separated For Over 30 Years
God hates divorce, but the Pauline Doctrine gives one being deserted, freedom to live one's life. My sweet sister, he committed adultery. Not only did he defile the marriage bed, but he left you hoping, waiting, maybe praying he'd come back. Your children, if you have any, were affected by his poor life choices. Please consider either consecreting your life as Jesus being your first love or feel free to ask God for His marriage choice partner to make your later years a blessing.

Tongues Or Prayer Language
You need to read your Bible more. ALL Christians receive the Holy Spirit at baptism. NOT all Christians receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Trying to apply tongues to all Christians is UNBIBLICAL. Also I am really getting tired of people making the assumption that if you don't speak in tongues then you don't have the Holy Spirit. You obviously didn't read the book of Acts because it totally contradicts what you claim.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
God is the same. HE never changes. If Ellen White was a prophet she would not contridict the Bible over and over in her writtings.
If she speaks not according to the Bible then there is no truth in her.

Pleading The Blood Biblical
Yes, we are under New Testament covenant, but didn't Jesus say that he came not to do away with the law, but to fulfill it?

Why Did God Create Hell
How about living apart/separated from God? Is that not a form of torture/HELL? Especially once you have been in His presence...Remember that Adam & Eve did not physically die, but were cast out of the garden/from His presence.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
What people do not realize about SDA's is that it is extremely difficult to even think that their prophetess is wrong. It would cause their whole world to come crashing down around them. That is one of the reasons that they fight so hard to defend EGW. The only thing we can do is pray for each other and them that God's will be done and that they will be open to God.

Suspect Immoral Relationships
laurie, I don't know how to fast but I think I have heard somewhere that you drink but do not eat. I don't know. I am sorry.
I am praying for you.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
Jerry I was a Seventh Day Adventist for 18 years. Yessssssss. I have read EGW's writings and I did not throw all of her books away when I left Adventisim. I knew one day I would need them to prove the lies I had been taught. If they speak one lie there is NO truth in them. There are so many lies that I have compared her writings to the Bible and wonder how I could have ever missed them during those 18 years.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
By the way to answer your question on my church. I am a member of the Christian Church.

OK For Christian To Leave
When someone takes joy in tormenting the other then it is a form of ABUSE. Abuse wears a person down mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Suspect Immoral Relationships
If he is abusive. Leave. Fasting is a very good idea but you really need to learn how to fast. Being a nurse I am telling you to find out how to fast before you do it.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
Jerry6593-Let me give you just one more example. (I know I said only one)
EGW says YES in Testimonies to Ministers page 134
The BIBLE says NO- 2 Corinthians 6:2 again in Hebrews 2:3 and again in Hebrews 9
Jerry I believe you are a SDA and I think you do not want to admit to truths.

Was Ellen White A Prophet
Jerry6593-you have already been given examples of contridictions but I will ad one more very important one and end with it. WAS THE ATONEMENT FOR SIN COMPLETED AT THE CROSS?
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