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Did God Hate Esau
Bible shows that Esau was a god-less wicked man.. and God knew the outcome of his life before he was born....everybody has a chance at salvation, and God wants all to know him, but some dont want it..

Sin To Lose Salvation
Yes. FYI, that quiz is seriously flawed and clearly from a Baptist perspective. Sin brings condemnation. Right now you are thinking of "there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ..." Read the footnotes on the verse! It is conditioned upon walking after the spirit, not the flesh.

Suppose Pat Roberston Is Right
Suppose he let his charismatic tendancies get the best of him and lied. That's closer to the truth.

Pray For Chad To Marry Me
HURRY to the library or bookstore and pick up a copy of Dr. Dobson's book "Love Muse Be Tough." God won't override his will. He is pulling away. It will tell you how to respond. Holding on and being clingy makes it worse for you and less likely to keep him. READ THAT BOOK.

Explain The Trinity Doctrine
People, Jesus did not live a sinless life as a result of being God. Rather, he lived it as a result of submission to the Father and being empowered by the Holy Spirit. I am not suggesting that he is not/was not God, but rather that he put this aside to become like us in every way. He did it the way we should do it and the way Adam COULD have done it if he had chosen to obey.

Can You Loose Your Salvation
Remember Willy Wonka's "Everlasting Gobstoppers"? They are jawbreakers that last forever - Thus the term, "everlasting." If I give you one and you throw it away, it does not cease to be everlasting. "Everlasting" modifies "life", not some other word defining how long it will be possessed.

Invisible Second Coming Of Christ
Dear Moderator, you have answered from the popular teaching of today, but these people are correct to suggest that there is ONE second coming and we are gathered to him at that time. It follows events that are clearly from the trib period and is immediately preceded by the resurrection. See Rev chapter 20. Pre-trib rapture is a 100 year old myth with known origins.

Moderator - I never said anything about a pre-trib rapture in my comments. Please reread.

Why Aren't Christians More Mature
I'm not of the same flock as those who pray to Mary, bow before statues, and ask the dead for help. The differences between us should not be overlooked or treated as insignificant. Any organization claiming to be THE way to God is trying to usurp Christ's position.

Show Slain In The Spirit Scripture
Let's keep it in context folks. This is not something that was happening in NT churches with any regularity whatsoever and we all know it. It has been said that "A text without a context is a pretext." I agree. Watch these events closely and there is not a lot of mystery to it. If you don't understand, read a book on hypnotism. Pay attention to the chapters on those who are most susceptible to it and/or how to induce it. Notice the role expectation plays.

Questions About Revelations
We aren't told about the HORSE. The RIDER is clearly identified as "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" and will "rule" the nations "with an iron scepter". I recommend Read any article that site has regarding "The Day of the Lord." That is the day that Jesus will return riding the white horse you asked about and make war with the beast and those nations who will have been tormenting Christians and seeking to destroy the nation of Israel.

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