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Sabbath Instruction For Christians
>According to the New testement, it still carried a death penalty

Yep, the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23).

Sabbath Instruction For Christians
>do you perfectly keep the 10c?

If you are in Christ, yes. If you are not in Christ, then you never can.

Discipline Church Members
>the Jewish Sabbath was no longer observed by the majority of churches by 135 AD
---lee1538 on 3/30/12
You got this from Samuele Bacchiocchi

Actually, he said nothing of the sort. 135 AD is when the changeover began. Most Christians still kept the sabbath at least as late as the 5th century.

Discipline Church Members
>The Sabbath was one of them as we read even from SDA historians that the church primarily outside of Palestine was no longer observed by 135 AD.

Then these unnamed SDA historians are sadly misinformed. Most Christians even as late as the 5th century were still keeping the Sabbath.

Moral Ceremonial Civil Health
>Colossians 2:16
"Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days"

Pay attention to what the words "in respect of" mean. Paul is talking about the eating and drinking ON the days that are then mentioned.

Moral Ceremonial Civil Health
>And that is why you see the church no longer observing the Jewish Sabbath or the dietary laws by the beginning of the second century.

Actually, most of the Christian church around the Med was STILL keeping the Sabbath at least as late as the 5th century.

Moral Ceremonial Civil Health
>Even the blind should be able to see that the church by the beginning of the 2d century no longer observed laws that were strictly Jewish - the Levitical dietary laws, the Sabbath observance, etc.

They were still keeping the Sabbath at least as late as the 5th century.

Can We Break The Seal
>As stated before there are two factions within Adventism, one that believes in Jesus and the other that is much like the Sabbath keeping enemies of Jesus, the legalist.

In 45 years as an SDA I have yet to meet the latter. There are no SDA's who believe that they can be saved by their own works.

Moral Versus Ceremonial Law
>As to what day we must observe, the only thing we see in the New Covenant is Romans 14:5-6 that we may or may not observe any day as holy.

At least as late as the 5th century, most Christians around the Med were keeping the Sabbath. In India they did so till around the 1540's and in Ethiopia they did so till around 1600.

Moral Versus Ceremonial Law
"Red meat boosts risk of dying young: study
Search the web.

Can We Break The Seal
>I have discussed with her about the observance of the Jewish Sabbath

Misnomer. The Sabbath was made by God at Creation a thousand years plus before there ever was a Jew.

Was This a Lying Spirit
>Only then may he be able to see that similarities between the angelical visions of Ellen White and those of Joseph Smith.

A Mormon scholar looked into the claim and he found no merit in it.

Was This a Lying Spirit
>She always spoke, at best, according to herself.

In her last public address she held up the Bible and said: "Gentlemen, I commend unto you this book."

Can We Break The Seal
>Very obviously there was a need for the Jerusalem council Acts (15:5) to met as issues had to be settled, especially if Gentile coverts had to become Jewish in order to be legit.

Not "legit," but to be saved.

Moral Versus Ceremonial Law
>If ALL the 10 commandments were moral laws then we would expect to have seen the Gentile non-believers by their innate nature to recognize them as such, especially the Sabbath commandment.

Not if they wandered away from the truth--otoh, the name for the seventh day of the week is "sabbath" in over 100 langauges.

Unfermented Grape Juice
>how do you handle Hosea 4:11 or Acts 2:13?

Note that in both even "new wine" (which shouldn't exist if the alcohol advocates are correct) can cause problems. Even "new wine" has a small amount of alcohol in it because fermentation starts as soon as the grape is plucked.

Moral Versus Ceremonial Law
>But you are right in believing that the Sabbath commandment is not a moral law ...

The Sabbath is in the heart of the 10C's. Thus it is part of the moral law. Note also that it points back to Creation--which pre-deated any Jew.

Also in over 100 languages (again long before there ever was a Jew) their name for the 7th day of the week is "sabbath."

Moral Versus Ceremonial Law
>The 10 commandments are just a sample of the many laws given to the Israelites to show how perfect and holy you must be to be self-righteous.

No one is self-righteous. The 10 C's show why we are not righteous, period and why we need Jesus.

Unfermented Grape Juice
New wine is unfermented grape juice.

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