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Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
Private this is only for you here and all other religious people who talk about their religion great... Can you prove about yours from the start of your religion? I can prove my Jesus Christ as the only God and Lord for this world. If you CAN prove yourself correct I wwill GIVE UP my Christ... CAN YOU ALL DO IT? This is an open challenge for non-christians

Do We Choose God
God chooses us, God's control over us doesn't allow us to make a choice. If we had the power to choose God then we have the power to defy him, therefore disproving his omnipotence.

Christian Police Officers
Yes they should, The Knights Templar killed many and they were Christians. And it is not as if you would kill out of spite, but more so as of defense or as an act of cleaning the earth of those who do others harm, someone has to do it, better to lose one life than to have a criminal destroy many.

Was Lucifer Allowed To Be Satan
There was no choice, God is omnipotent and omnicient, he controls everything and therefore is, or controls Lucifer. As to whether Hell is simply the guilt laid upon us after doing wrong or an eternal fire I need to think, but if Lucifer exists he is simply a utility of God as we all are.

Satan Intervenes Jesus's Works
Satan doesn't intervene, we are not meant to follow all works of Jesus or we would not be mortal. We are to fail, and rather than accepting this as part of us, we choose to summon a supernatural "demon" that causes this failure rather than ourselves. If we were perfect, we'd be God, but we mortals and unable to achieve that infallability no matter how much we try.

I Want To Believe In God
I like to think that our universe is like a computer and God is the user. Now to a computer the user is all powerful, it controls everything. There is no way a computer could choose something without the user's control. Yet the user is still imperfect, though through a different perspective is omnipotent and outside of the limits of the computer world. So it is possible to say that in the perspective of a computer, the user is omnipotent and omniscient, yet in the user's reality they are flawed.

God Takes Bad Christians Home
catherine, that was from one of your Bible tools. What exactly did it mean and what does it have to do with the question?

Women Cover Their Heads
Angels can't make demands on humans and angels don't need a sign. They obey God and God alone. Your long hair doesn't do a thing for an angel. It's fundamental holiness, telling yourself you're holy because you don't trim you hair. When Jesus died on the Cross, the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. That was your sign that all religious tradition was put away. He did away with all temple law. You've put yourself back under new laws that old holiness preachers put there for you.

Women Cover Their Heads if all the women and girls have their heads covered up, how to the angels determine who's married or not.
Does that not sound ridiculous to you that an angel would need to know if you're married. Christ is the Head of man and woman. Woman are accountable to Jesus Christ, like a man is. Man is to be the spiritual head of the household. Women don't hide under hair and a helmet to remove their accountability to Jesus Christ.

Women Cover Their Heads
That's very similiar to mormonism. The man has all authority there. Why he even gets your new name to call you from the grave, if you're worthy.
Long hair and a hat doesn't make you holy and angels aren't moved by it either. They don't need an outward sign from you to determine your married state. They only listen to the Voice of God.

Women Cover Their Heads
Chipper Robyn, if you cut your hair off, will you lose your holiness? That would be a shame, like Samson, if you lost all of your strength to blog.
It's a good thing that cancer patients know that their holiness is not in their hair, but they know how to access the Holy Spirit for their Holiness.
Even if you can walk on your hair like Crystal Gayle or Morticia, I can't see that you're any more holy than the average person.

What Is A Willful Sin
Html commands have become a matter of routine, Mrs. Morgan.
More is more, not better or more meaningful.
Reply hint #3
Do not use all Capital letters which includes bold lettering and all of the other neon lights. It's difficult to sift through.

Need Help For A Bad Memory
And some of it could be adult attention deficit that you're not aware of. Aging is part of it, can't remember your keys, names, or phone numbers. If it's severe, see your doctor.

Pleading The Blood Of Christ
Mrs. Morgan, no need to reinterpret what Ernest Angley teaches. I've read it.
I can see where you're coming from now. That always helps. When you speak religious judgments against others, I will remember his words and interpretation. Don't force those beliefs on anyone else. I haven't found any Scriptures for blood control.

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Ernest Angley

"Jesus came, the second Adam, born of the Virgin Mary. Divine blood was in the veins of Christ, He never had human blood. As far as the flesh was concerned, He was human, but as for the blood, it was divine, not human. Blood comes from the father, and His Father was the Holy Ghost.
With that divine blood, Jesus brought us blood control."

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Ernest Angley

"That power comes through blood control. Blood control gives power to resist the devil and make him flee.
With blood control you have blood happiness, blood peace, blood joy, love, and faith. Everyone can have this blessed blood control, can be able to use the blood in his or her life. If you can't give over to the blood, then, of course, you don't have blood control. What you must do is to earnestly seek God and His Holy Spirit until you do have blood control."

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Ernest Angley

"With blood control you are made perfect in God's love. If you are carrying any fear, you either don't realize that you have blood control, or else you aren't using it the way you should. Give over to the Holy Spirit and let Him use the
divine blood in your soul to flush out that fear as He sheds abroad blood love to deliver you."

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Ernest Angley

"Peter controlled the blood to the extent that people brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid them on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them (Acts 5:15). They were not healed by the shadow, a shadow can't heal, it simply is a point of contact. The people were healed by the blood anointing of God that touched those people, and what a mighty touch it was!"

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