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Pray To Quit Drinking
hi I have parents who were at one time alcholics. They would drink whiskey and coke from 3pm until 8pm nonstop everyday. Many times they would stagger around at the end of day. They would fall down and get hurt. These drinks were made by themselves so they were quite strong at times. Anyway they have done this for as long as I remember. I have been praying for them eversince I was a Christian which is over 20 years and they finally stopped drinking. They havent drank for over three weeks. Keep praying.

What Is The Greatest Miracle
well I dont know that I would call this the greatest miracle it was a recent one that happened in my life. My tire was flat. My brother happened to be home and came over. He put the spare tire on and told me to go to the tire place down the street. He told me it would take about $50 to patch and fill the tire and I would have to put it back on. I arrived at the tire place and they patched, filled and put the tire back on all for free. God does more than we expect.

Date Once Divorced
I would certainly hope so. I am in the process of being divorced and don't see any possibility of being reconciled to my husband nor do I plan to stay single the rest of my life. I think as long as their Christian and walking close to God you can date them.

Scared Of The Rapture
I want to see Jesus and I believe I am saved but yes the Rapture does scare me. Actually what scares me is the White throne judgement. I am afraid of what will be revealed about me, because it says everything will be known. I am afraid God will be angry with me and say I have wasted my life. I am afraid my Dad will go to Hell and I will hear his screams from Hell.

Is Daily Bible Study Important
Yes I feel that daily Bible study is very important. I feel that a concordance and commentary are indispensible. Dictionaries are good too. You may not use them everyday but they are things you will you use several times a month.

Eye Of The Needle Meaning
my pastor said that back in the time of Jesus there was a gate that went into Jerusalem that was called "The eye of a needle" and in order to for camel to get thru that gate they would have to be stripped of everything they were carrying and change their position in order to fit.

Who Is The Antichrist
It scares me sometimes when I see technology advancing as it has. We can tatoo a parents cell phone number on a child's hand. Is this so far from putting 666 on someone's wrist. Christ is coming soon. Oops that wasn't your question was it? I think it the system of this government that puts God in a corner and goes its own way.

Do You Feel God In Your Life
Yes I do feel God's presence in my life but that is only because I make it a priority in my life to spend time with Him daily. I am in awe of Him and the work He is doing in my life.

Are You Really Saved
I know that I am saved because after I repented and returned to God once I seperated from my husband, God made it obvious through scripture and the Holy Spirit that He accepted me and loved me unconditionally. He is at work in my life and we spend time together daily.

Should Christians Be Taxed
Well when you put it that way I would say no. However Christ do say render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars and things that are God's to God.

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