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The Second Coming Of Christ
There is NO such thing as TWO returns by Christ! The Rapture is not a return of Christ but rather a removal of his people from the Hour of Tribulation. His (Jesus) second coming will be when he returns to destroy the Antichrist during Armaggedon.

Various Blog Views
I respect my fellow man's opinion.
But what I dont understand from a lot of people on these blogs is the FACT that they place their views and beliefs FIRST before the BIBLE.
Lets not forget that the BIBLE is the WORD of GOD!
GOD does not say 'let's make a deal'
All praise and glory belongs to our HEAVENLY FATHER, GOD!

Is This God's Best Mate For Me
Are you sure all this self reassurance you give yourself is not about a midlife crisis. Fifty will soon be here, looks are fleeting sweet parakeet. Then what will you have?

Is This God's Best Mate For Me
Plotting/planning penpal girl isn't very honest with herself. That's why she may be waiting for the wrong mate, again, and not even know she's been duped.
So until "Waiting for my Date/Mate" becomes honest with herself, instead of wanting someone to enable her disfunctional view of relationships - they will continue to elude her. She enables and wants enablers around her. A cycle that needs to be broken. But only honesty will get her there.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Donna, now, now, this is a whopper, right here.
"DePuTy: First of all...this is the first prayer I've ever posted on this site."
I'm only borrowing DePuTy from you for this answer.
I find your prayers more about gaining attention for yourself than concern. Hannah's gone by now.

Dress Code For Christian Women
I'm not against public prayer, but I don't find your style of praying too edifying. It usually draws more attention to yourself. Like the fit throwing prayer you prayed, I remember that one, too. Childish, very childish.

Pride Quiz

25. A humble person will be exalted.

The correct answer is True.

Matthew 23:12 - And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased, and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Pride quiz, take it, Donna.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Mat. 6:5
And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
Mat. 6:6
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Dress Code For Christian Women
God doesn't go against our own will, now does He, Donna.
Hannah just replied she's content with her own church. The point of the matter, there's really no need for you stand on street corners and recite your prayers in public. I remember the prayer you prayed for Jack, that was a real doozey.

Dress Code For Christian Women
I don't think Hannah has any intention of leaving her church. She hesitates to even tell us what kind of church it is. I do think she's unhappy with all of the holiness rules, but I don't have the impression she wants to leave. So for another person to pray - give her a place to go, etc. I don't see that lining up with Hannah's will. Praying public prayers, standing on street corners to be seen by others, is not necessary. If she wants to pray, pray God's will for Hannah, not Donna's will.

Dress Code For Christian Women
Buddy Holly, that may not be her prayer. There's really no need for you to post your prayers, which you do like to do.. if you're sincere, you will actually pray on your own and pray for the will of God.

Boyfriend Isn't Forgiving Me
Wait until you're mature enough to handle a relationship. If you have a good church, find yourself some Christian counseling and sort through what's really eating Goodgirl's grapes. And don't tell me you fed him your special lasagne dish.

God's Will For My Job
---Anonymous on 7/24/07 "

Donna, that's word faith, and it's not necessarily so. Because you have a notebook full of Scriptures that you read back to God, more or less making demands that He answers it the way you want to, is not the way it happens. He decides and all the quoting in the world will not force His hand.

God's Will For My Job
If it were so, all of your prayers would have been answered for all of the situations that you have been in and out of. Quoting scriptures does not make it happen. You cannot tell God how to answer your prayers, it doesn't work that way.

Who Should Propose For Marriage
No, misty, it really doesn't make any sense.
It sounds like you're advertising yourself.

Wrong For Christians To Drink
Robyn, for a name that is relatively new, you're very familiar with everyone's status.
I would say you've been here a long, long time.

Wrong For Christians To Drink
Robyn - you're Kathr, aren't you?
Old habits die hard, or should I say, no matter how many names/personnas you invent, your hardness always comes back out towards others. You can't help yourself.

Baptized And Spoke It Tongues
"I feel your focusing too much on the barking" and not the fruits that were seen....
Crowing roosters, clucking chickens, roaring lions, barking dogs and seals are fruited.
So fruited, fruity and unscriptural.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but there are many who are "ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth".

Christians Debate Those In Cults
MikeM., nothing you speak of would further a Christian's walk.
Your replies are all from your head, no Scripture, and no Christ-like replies.
You got nothin'.

Christians Debate Those In Cults
We are to expose cults and false beliefs.
Go to any Bible bookstore, and you will find mormonism, JW's in the cult section. (You find SDA's in there, too.)
MikeM., your Jeffersonian quotes really haven't helped me with Scripure. Your lack of biblical (canonized and Christ-like replies haven't helped me either. You give us a piece of your mind, but I can't say that I'll remember anything you've said. It hasn't helped me with my Christian walk.

Why Pray For The Sick
MarkB, you would be talking about Jesus Christ. He healed all.
So read your bible and learn from the Master.
J.D., K.C., C.D. are not healing all.
The ministry of Jesus has not been improved upon to date.

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