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Recently Divorced My Husband
I believe God knows your heart already. He made a provision for divorce if one party commits adultery, so I don't believe you have done anything wrong. But yes, I do believe you should forgive your now ex-husband (but that doesn't always mean stay with him!). The world will certainly believe you were justified.

Obama The Next President
Matthew: Not wishy washy?Okay.How about idiotic?Obama plays on our own naivety. People that think we can just pull our troops out are totally blind to what that will lead to.People that think terrorist will stop hating us "as much" if we leave them alone are also truly BLIND. They attacked us when we were NOT in their Muslim countries. Obama is a "feel good" guy with no clue. Read your bible. At times war is necessary. Quit trying to play the "killing innocents" card.

Hell Bound Due To Divorce
Is there Scriptural back up of the (false) claim that someone who is divorced should not be a leader in the church? A sin is a sin, no matter what the sin. So are church leaders sinless? NO. Quit holding divorce in such a way that you are making it somehow a worse sin than others.

Obama The Next President
I don't believe the American public would be so blind as to vote Obama into office, but it could happen.Many people ARE voting on race and gender & I believe that is wrong (i.e. they are voting for Obama because he is black or for Hillary because she is female)I personally vote for the candidate & what they stand for.We need a STRONG leader not a wishy washy, feel good guy who will bring this country to its knees.I pray to God that this country has enough intellect to see through his hype.

Catholic Pope A False Prophet

Are you implying that RCC are "God's chosen people"??????? Last I checked, God's chosen were the Jews and the place Israel.

Debbie ~

Discipline For Stepson
My ex-husband was EXTREMELY hard on my kids (who lived here 24/7), but when his children came, there were no rules for them.They didn't have to pick up after themselves or even go to bed at a decent hour, whereas my kids did.It was a horrible experience.Ex-hub's excuse for not setting rules for them is he didn't want to anger them as they wouldn't come back. It was wimpy and inexcusable & caused ENORMOUS problems for us.I wish I had an answer, but the dad should enforce the same rules regardless.

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
Nurse: She is a poor example because she talks out of both sides of her face. She will say whatever she feels people want to hear. She is pro-abortion, pro gay marriage among other things. She is weak and votes for one thing, but then comdemns it the next week when public opinion changes.


Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
There is no way I would EVER vote for Hillary. If she is the democratic candidate, I would vote Republican for sure. She is a poor representative for our country in the highest regard! I hope Huckabee or Thompson get in the running.

Salvation For Catholics

I'm not whining -- just stating facts. I just don't get people who KNOW they don't want to read or answer the question -- but rather come on here and complain of all the unfairness, etc. EVERY single RCC post has it and it gets in the way of people truly trying to answer and it's always the same couple of people who whine. Don't you get sick of it regardless of your beliefs on RCC or any religion? I come here to actually read the responses and find none -- just the standard whiners.

Salvation For Catholics
I'm so sick of the whining whenever someone brings up RCC. If you don't want to read the question, then DON'T. Why come on here and whine and cry out how unfair it is and accuse all of BTC? Seriously. Just don't read it. You aren't adding anything defensive on RCC -- just the whining! Let's move on.

Illegal To Spank Your Kids
The law being considered Massachusetts is about spanking in schools, not about spanking in general.

I spanked my kids when necessary and I dare any government to tell me how to raise my children!

Iraq War A Mistake
I hate the fact that the majority of this country thought it was necessary when the war on Iraq began and now it isn't as "politically correct" to stand by a war that so many have changed their mind about. We stood by for a long time while Hitler killed the Jewish people, so should we have continued to stand by while Saddam killed Iraq people? I don't like war, but I don't turn tail and run when people start changing their minds.

When Was Mary's Death
The original question was "Where in the Bible does it talk about Mary, Mother of Jesus' death?" Answer -- it DOESN'T! Jack, I got that through study of scripture. It is NOT a guess. It is fact. Perhaps you would have been able to find this answer on your own if you had studied scripture.

When Was Mary's Death
Caring: I'm about the least stubborn person you would ever meet. :)

This statement from Jack was not serious - it was sarcastic: "And I take it you reached this conclusion as a result of the great, deep, and intensive research into Christian antiquities that you have doubless done. Right? Or are you just guessing?"
If you want to believe he was being "serious" I'm okay with that, but this is between Jack and I. Blessings.

When Was Mary's Death

You were being quite sarcastic. You were not complimenting. You made a grand gesture of saying I reached my "opinions" by great study and then said I was simply guessing. You can hide behind sarcasm and nastiness if you wish, but we see the hate behind your words when one disagrees with your false doctrine.

You have been in my prayers and will continue to be.


When Was Mary's Death

Am I guessing?It is a natural process for people to be born, live their lives & then die and be buried. Jesus was assumed into heaven perfect. Mary was never perfect to begin with nor was she sinless (scripture is clear on this), so yes it is my EDUCATED guess that she was never assumed into heaven.

Are you guessing that she was?Since there is NO scriptural evidence at all, then I suppose we are all guessing. Your nastiness was not necessary. Speak with love, not with venom.

When Was Mary's Death
Jack and Caring: Your comments back to me seem quite nasty and hateful. You can believe that Mary's body was assumed into heaven if you like (without ANY scriptural proof) and I will believe she lived her life out like the rest of us mere mortals. As for Caring's comments about Jesus eating -- I won't even justify that with a comment. If you are a Christian, please speak in love, not with venom. Blessings.

What Is Burden Of Knowledge
Jack: Because my beliefs come from scripture only. I do not follow manmade traditions and place them on the same plane as scripture. I don't believe it is really any more difficult than that. If one prefers to follow their church's tradition even when it directly conflicts with scripture, then I feel they are lost and need our prayers.


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