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Can Evil Come From God
The context of the word "evil" in this case, means punishment. God punishes sin during our present lives on earth. And he'll also punish sin a much greater way, after the end of the world, when all of the Devii's children will be cast into Hell.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
I'm a divorced mom with an 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Both are spanked over my knee, on the bare bottom. Most times I use my hand, but occasionally a hairbrush. They are embarassed to still be punished like that, but I was spanked until I was 15. I plan to continue spanking as long as it is effective.

Can A Christian Have A Demon
I believe a Christian can have a demon if he or she is not fully surrendered to GOd. Those who are fully surrendered to God can't be indwelt by demons, because they are indwelt by God's spirit. See Mathew 12:24-30

What Is The Role Of Israel
Many of them will become converted, some time in the future,evidently - see Acts 1:6.
Perhaps during the battle of Armageddon. Israel will be attacked by many nations, some time after arrival of the Anti Christ.
Afterwards is evidently about when the end will take place. See Ezekiel 39 and Revelations 16:16, and Joel 3:2 & 12.

Why Should I Go To Heaven
Because as Paul the apostle said, "Heaven is a better place!" And also because I want to live with God and don't want to live in Hell and the ones who will be there!

If Salvation Prayer Enough
One sinner's prayer isn't enough. Because salvation is something that needs to continue to be put to practice. That's why Paul said "I die daily." And if you prayerfully and sincerely "die daily" you won't fall away as those sown aomong the stones and thorns in the Sower parable.

Our Pre-Born Spirit
Our spirits existed as soon as we were conceived. David said God knew who he was even before he was born. And think of John the Baptist, who is said to have been filled with God's spirit from his mother's womb.

Once Saved Always Saved
God will always keep those who continue to live obediently towrds him. But he will not keep forever those who refuse to repent. This is why there is a stern warning to the Jews in the book of Hebrews - saying that they need to be careful not to be like the people who fell in the wilderness, through unrepentent sin. People can fall away through carelessness and lack of sincereity towards GOd.

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
One reason is that there are passages that are difficult for all to understand equally well. And present Bible versions may differ somewhat from the original ones. One should do ones best to interpret the BIble correctly, as God will hold anyone guilty who does not do so. No one can be expected to understand all spiritual things perfectly. Paul said we presently see as in a glass.

Which Religion Is Correct
It helps to have sincere desire. Otherwise, one believes what they want to believe, but what they believe is always wrong if it lacks essential sincerity. And never act against your conscience. If you do so, God will guide you into a full understanding of the correct way to live and please God with how you live. Read the Bible and pray.

Forgiveness With Repentance
Jesus died so that it could be possible for people in the world to be forgiven. But only those who truly repent are forgiven by God. But if Jesus hadn't died, no one could have been forgiven. Likewise, Jesus' death on the cross didn't obtain pardon for all of the world's people. Only for the repentent. Read what John the Baptist said - Matthew 3:10 & Luke 3:9.

Was Jesus Created By God
Jesus was God come down in the form of a human. Philippians 2:6. And Hebrews 1:5. He was worthy to be worshipped. And He was sinless, a thing no other human can claim for himself or herself. See Hebrews 4:15.

One Nation Under God
Our nation is falling away from God. But originally, it was more of a Christian nation. The same is true of the nation of Israel.

Church Run Like A MLM
Yes, many churches would not be in agreement with the apostle Paul in how he recommended that churches be run. Philippians 3:19, I Corintians 9:18. Research church hhistory. Donations were given to the poor of the church and to traveling missionaries. And hopitality was encouraged towards all members of the Lord's body.

My Husband Won't Tithe
It may be that he has not yet "entered into rest" (which I believe is the "New birth." As spoken of in the book of Hebrews. You must submit to him though and treat him kindly. As for tithing, skip it since he doesn't want you to do it. And under the New Covenant, ones no longer need to tithe 1/10, although it is clear that if possible, they should donate what they can to the people in the church who are needy - not to pastors, etc. That's how the New Testament church did it.

Mother Theresa In Heaven Or Hell
She is not in Heaven, since she didn't know Jesus as her Lord, nor know that He was the only way that salvation can be provided. See Romans 10:10, II Timothy 2:19. Being good isn't enough. And Isaiah 64:6, Matthew 5:20.

Do Catholics Know History
No church can claim to be infallible - read I Corinthians, chapter 1. And it is good to point out people's errors of belief. See II Timothy 4:2, Titus 1:13, and 2:15.

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