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What Is A Measure Of Faith
Upon being saved each Christian has received the same amount of faith to start with. We start with the faith of Jesus Christ. Each individual from that point is responsible for his/her own growth of that faith given. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, therefore the more Word we hear and believe the stronger or larger our faith grows. The point is that God in His awesome fairness starts us all off with the same measure of faith.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Speaking in tongues is an option brothers and sisters. Those of you who believe and utilize it that is your choice. Those of you who don't that is your choice. Paul says:I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all...Wherefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and forbid not to speak with tongues...1Cor.14

Christians Obsess About Money
If they are crying for prayer about finances they more than likely are in bondage/obsessed. They should cry out for help if it is from the heart that they want to be delivered. Will not God teach them His financial system and to better manage their money? Let's just pray for them. You never know which ones are truely sincere since only God knows the heart and motives of man.

Adam And Eve Had No Faith
I agree with Michelle. Adam and Eve had faith to begin with, but they let Satan talk them out of it.

Will God Allow Divorce
How is your spouse hindering God's purpose for your life? If you are married, part of you purpose is to reflect God's purpose for marriage. A person has to learn how to handle their own affairs at home before they can be trusted to handle other's affairs outside of the home. Again, I ask, in what way is your spouse hindering God's purpose for your life?

Should I Divorce My Husband
There is nothing hidden, that shall not be brought to light, especially for the children of God. Be patient and let all evidence unfold. We Christians do not have to make choices based on assumptions, the Lord will reveal all things to us if we trust Him. As the truth is revealed the Lord will guide you in what to do from there.

I Cheated On My Wife
L.J Know that if you have wholeheartedly confessed this fault to the Lord (1John 1:9), then He has forgiven you. Now, you need to pray for your wife's healing. She has been wounded. We know the Lord always leads us to forgive. she has a choice of marriage or divorce, but the Lord always sees reconciliation as the best choice and He will guide her this way. Pray that she will receive the Lord's direction, and let the Lord cleanse you from the thing that caused you to fall and cause her hurt.

Christian Wife Wants Separation
Let your request for healing in your marriage known to God and let him do the rest. Keep your eyes off of the circumstances for they will cause you to faint. Stay focused on the fact that God hates divorce and if there is anyway possible for your marriage to survive, God already has the solution. Your part is to meditate on scriptures concerning marriage and get your thoughts lined up with God's thoughts and then stand on your faith. God will do the rest. All He need is your faith!

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