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Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
Slain in the spirit is true. When you don't understand, it is easy to say it is fake. When you begin to let God take total control of your soul, spirit and body, you will realize that everything that occurred in Acts, still takes place today. What you don't believe, God won't perform in front of you. And the name does not need to be changed, because when you are slain, God is killing all of those old things. He is performing surgery on you to kill your pass and bring in the new you, so it is murder.

A Short And Ugly Man Likes Me
So what happens when a beautiful woman wants out of a marriage because she is turned off by her unattractive husband?

What Does Backslide Mean
He said He would never leave us nor forsake us. once we have sinned all we have to do is repent and our relationship or fellowship is restored. All He was is for us to re open the lines of communication with Him, He is just waiting on us! He is always wooing us to come back, it would take a pretty hard individual not to heed to God's loving kindness. I was a backslidder and thank God I am here back with Him. (so people do come back alot more then we know)

How To Find The Right Man
The Bible says, And the Lord God says it is not good that the man should be alone, I will make him a helpmeet for him Gen 2:18, continue to wait on the Lord. He wil answer you

I Lost My Boyfriend To A Wreck
It is totally normal for it to take YEARS to recover from such a loss. You didn't just lose your boyfriend, you lost your plans for the future, love, companionship, etc... . The only suggestion I'd make it to see a counselor if you find yourself losing interest in life and not seeming to regain it.

Caught My Husband Cheating
Trusting God does NOT mean allowing people to walk all over you and say you just forgive. God helps them who help themselves. Stand up for yourself, and tell your husband if he can't give you the respect you deserve, he needs to step!

Do I Just Make Marriage Happen
God helps him who helps himself. He's not going to mail a wife to you, nor would a 'normal' woman want a man who sits on the computer all day. Get out and meet people!

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