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I Want Some Christian Friends
I'm just looking for a male Christian friend to talk to, I can't talk to my husband. I just want to see if I am the one who is always wrong. He just doesn't seen to understand me. My dad lives with us now and he has Parkinsons and Alzheimers and that just makes it worse. I'm tires of crying and feeling alone. I just want an opinion from a males point of view. Thanks.

Can I Leave My Husband
Romans 3:23 for we have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. What ever decission we take we must always remember to include God. Put Him in the center of our lives. We must always put on the whole armour of God daily Ephesians 6. Let Him fight our battles. Learn to feel God's Holy Spirit in any situation and remember to Pray for those who spitfully use you for they are in darkness and we who believe must let our light shine in the mist of their darkness. God is Love....Ask you Heavenly Father what must I do?

Can't Speak In Tongues
The real sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit is living a submitted life that is directed by God. Or in other words, a holy life. Holy spirit produces holy living. Tongues is a manifestation of the presence of the Holy spirit, but not a criteria and not proof.

I Love A Catholic Guy
Seek the Lord until you get an answer. Although you might value the opinions of others, no one knows what you should do more than God. I was Catholic growing up and went to college and got saved. God may have a plan for you and this man or this may not be God's will at all. But only GOD KNOWS!

Evolution versus Creationism
Simply put: God created man in the image of Him. Therefore, we are not monkey, fish, bat, or insect at all. God created His creatures everyone on that particular day. Noting evolved! Faith is not science. Science is man's way of discovering what already is!

Do Men Want Big Women
What amazes me is hearing these terms full figured, heavyset, etc. when talking about a certain size woman. "I saw Julie ,the heavyset girl, at he grocery." No adjectives needed.It is what it is. It is a shell. Obesity in this world is as common as any other hereditary condition. Can a person reverse being born with freckles and red hair? I am a woman that eats well,normal blood sugar,BP, cholesteral, beautiful skin , tons of energy. I'm 41 and weigh over 250 lbs. 235lbs when in high school. I take fish oil and have not had real sugar in over 15 years. I steer clear of fried and fast foods. I eat whole grains and I love fresh vegetables and I only use good fats. I cannot meet a man that does not think he can treat me like a door mat.

Praying For A Good Wife
I have an innovative idea. Go to Proverbs 31:10-31. Choose the characteristics that are important for your wife to have-that will suit your personal needs. Pray those scpritures, you have chosen, until this woman manifests in your life. John 1:14 The Word became flesh.

Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong
YES!!! Why do you need to drink alcohol? Need to de-stress? Then pray and let God take over. Take the whole council of God: God's Word, the Bible and you will find it is not necessary and it is not good for our "temple" to put trash in it.

Pastor Confessed An Affair
I think he should step down, he will need some time to get his self together. The church won't suffer, There is someone there that can fill in in place of the pastor. God always has a ram in the bush. This will be a difficult time for the church and they should have special intessory prayer along with fasting for the Church. I hope you can recover.

Books Missing From The Bible
It seems as though no one has actually read these "missing" books. They were never missing. The Geneva bible which was printed in 1560 which predates the King James did in fact include these books. If you read these for yourselves you will see that no where does it conflict with what we have today, but yet it supports and fills in some of the gaps. Both of these councils that everyone seems to refer to as having direct communication with God on the subject where predominately RCC members, so that being said, and if you have done your own homework instead of following what you have heard, you would be the wiser now. No offense, but there are many a "Christian" who are in fact the tares among us.............

Are Catholics Christians
To discuss who is Christian, check God's Word for who is considered a Christian. There are unsaved so-called "Christians" everywhere. "Christian" is misused these days as the word church. Christian means Christ-like. Those Christ-like are Christians, which only happens if Jesus lives within you He is Lord of our life. Bible is very clear who is and is not. Catholic/Baptist, etc. are not mentioned in Bible only Christians, classified as saved,believers, who are justified, sanctified - through the free gift of Grace thru Jesus Christ. Salvation only comes with a humble repentant heart, grieving over our sins asking forgiveness. Proven salvation can be seen, because you cannot encounter Jesus and remain the same!

One World Church Movement
I agree with the person who wrote, "true Christians have no veils ...true Christians are free to serve Christ who is the spiritual rock and cornerstone submitting themselves to the authority of Christ NOT a religious system." I think there will be a world chuch movement for the end times. People will be deceived and the anti-christ will rise up. Now is the time to accept Jesus as our Savior.

Anyone With Unsaved Family
I have been saved since 11/4/2002 and I live with my mother who is not saved, my siblings are not saved and I have to say family members can be the hardest on you! I will pray that they will turn thier life over to Jesus and until then I will continue to grow stronger in my Faith.
I feel very close to my church family and this helps me alot to have thier support!
God Bless-

Job Of New Christians
1. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind.

2. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

On these two hang all the law and the prophets.

20 Year Old Man And 40 Woman
I am a Christian woman, and totally celibate for years. I think it is indeed fine for a younger man, even if he's half her age, to date a much older woman. I'm a normal person, with normal attractions. This is great, especially in today's age. If there is mutual love and respect, why wouldn't it be okay?

Friendship With A Married Man
If the friendship is with both the husband & wife, with no exclusivity, then its ok. If the wife is excluded, then absolutely not. My (Christian) husband currently is nurturing a friendship with a (Christian) single woman who has interfered in our marriage before. He says the relationship is pure. But he spends time on the phone with her behind closed doors, and when he comes out, he wants physical intimacy with me. He says the two are not related. But its tough for me to believe that.

Christians Doing Yoga
I think using yoga as a form of physical fitness is okay, it benefits people who can not do other forms of excercise because of physical disabilities. To adopt the yoga philosophy would be a contradiction to a Godly life.

Catholic Pope A False Prophet
I think after reading all of the reponses, that there are alot of judgement of a religion and the figure-head. To try to figure out what role the RCC pope have during the tribulation period doesn't even concern those who are born again. WE WILL BE GONE! I also have to say that just because a person is catholic doesn't mean he/she doesn't serve Christ. Only God knows there hearts, not us.

Trinity Of God
TRINITY? What a word! The use of the word has divided churches! This word or use of this word causes strife! The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! The bible says that NO man can go to the Father without Jesus Christ. The bible also says that the Holy Spirit is the Comforter.(sent after Jesus ascended to Heaven) The word trinity....why should it concern us. If we have been washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and our name is in the Lamb's Book of life, we have nothing to worry about.

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