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Is Our Marriage Sanctified
Yes it is...before marriage liscences it just took a pastor and 2 witnesses. The key is the heart. The outward sign of a ceremony is just honoring God before man.

Baptism Unto Repentance
it was different then and it is now. Our covenant is found in the scriptures after Christ arose. Everything changed then.

Death Bed Conversions Real
We are saved by Grace by believing. It is not works. If we ask forgiveness his word says he is faithful and just and forgives all.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
absolutely Not. She in the scriptures acknowledges her own need for asavior. She is not a special entity. Just a normal person that received a blessing of being Jesus Mother. That is it. Praying to her is fruitless and wrong. There is one mediator and thatis Jesus.

My Church Had A Dance Contest
Therefore there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. No its not. Read 1 Tim 1:9. Hebrews 8:13, Galations 5:18- Those that walkin the spirit are under no law.

Am I Out Of Christ
Do Youjustwait on your kids to make a mistake to pounce on them? Neither does God

Do Sacraments Save Catholics
most apologetic sites consider Catholicism a cult to begin with and that is my opinion as well. The finished work of Christ is the answer to any question. You do not add to that finished work, and Catholicism continually does that

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
the problem is worse than an issue. It is a religious attitude for you. Love overcomes a multitude of Sin, and you are not loving her. What makes you unstained for her?

The only righteousness any of us have is because of Jesus Christ living in us. Grow up, or do her a favor and let her go to someone who loves her as she is. God loves You as you are.

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