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Girlfriend Won't Give Up Smoking
I think smoking is unhealthy and defiles our bodies which are temples of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us. Anyone can be delivered and I said to a friend once " How would you like to kiss a smelly ash tray?" Enough said.

I Want A Traditional Church
I struggle with the same thing. It seems all there is out there these days is pop culture invading the church. There is a 1/2 hour of rock concert and a short message and I go away spiritually hungrier than when I went in. But, I don't have the answer other that to try like me until you perhaps find one. I miss choirs as there are hardly any left in Canadian evangelical churches. So, I do sympathize and hope that there are some more changes to something more that chorouses with repitition and not much theology.

There Are No Christian Men
The answer is probably what we men sometimes run up against....dishonesty, insincerity, phoniness, selfishness and a lot more. However, if one has a close relationship with God and seeks His will, goes to the right churches and to the right places, there are good godly men and women out there. But, the real thing to watch for is their faith walk and honesty to you. You will find the right person by letting God lead and doing the right things yourself.

Friends Stop Emailing Me
I would find it aweful for people to just stop without any explanation, I think that it is really rude and hurtful as well. But, I have learned to keep my expectations lower and am not hurt that easily. But, yes, it is rude and hurtful in my opinion.

It Affects All My Relationships
One thing to take note of and always remember is that you were made in the image of God. Although we were created in His image we are not perfect but God loved us so much that He shed His blood to redeem us. So, that alone should help us realize how valuable and worthy we are. It is sad when people can put us down etc. but we are all extremely valuable to God and to each other. So, you are okay, for sure.

My Pastor Is Spreading Lies
One of the saddest things in the church is what you are experiencing. There are three basic choices. One is to scripturely confront the individuals doing it, including the pastor. That can become messy. Another is to change churches. Barring that, one could know what the truth is and pray for God to handle the situation and leave it in His hands. That is difficult to do but possible. Leaving the city or town would be the only other option.

Marriage The Perfect Will Of God
There are several things to keep in mind. Be available. Be open. Pray daily. Do some things yourself by taking some initiative. Look in the right places....not bars etc.. Keep your relationship with God as best as humanly possible and you will meet someone, I am sure.

Handle Long Distance Relationship
God can bring two people together in almost any circumstance. However, there can be problems. I, as a Canadian, have a wonderful friend in Florida. The problem is having to spend 6 months in each country to avoid immigration problems. So, we have decided to remain friends and leave it at that. I have since found a wonderful lady, still a long distance relationship. But, a wonderful Canadian christian. God is leading us together and the long distance thing is more manageable. Sometimes, there are less choices where one lives and so the internet can be a wonderful tool, if used right.

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