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Do You Enjoy Being A Christian
I am not going to lie. Sometimes the things that you have to face being a christian can be rough. But through it all, the joy about being a christian is that you know that God will never leave you. And the ending result is eternal life in Heaven. Where there will be no more dying, crying, sickness, pain. where the wicked will cease from troubling and the weary would be at rest. where we will have a new and changed mind. thats the joy of being a christian. I wouldnt trade it for the world. God has proven himself so many times to me. When I fail, he still is there to pick me up and comfort me. I love being a Christian. It's the best thing that ever happened to me

I Am A Prophet
What do you do? Keep in tune with God. Read his word and listen to his voice and the voice of the Holy Sprirt.

Does Your Soul Die
Yes your soul does live forever because everything that God breathe life into never dies. But the question is where will your soul live? Heaven or Hell?

Magdalene Married To Jesus
Why is this even a post? It's so rediculous that people consider this. I agree with helen this is like blastphamy. Leonardo D'Vinci was a blastphamer to come up with this because it has led so many astray. But food for thought: On his dying bed leonardo quoted, "I have Offended God" meaning I have made a mistake. Don't buy into this crap.

Manifestation Of Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is manifested through us, the righteous of the Lord. He directs us into all truth and the things that he tells us to do, as God the Father directs him, brings glory to God and people see and say that it is the work or the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is also manifested through the fruits of the Spirit.

How To Please God
I agree that faith pleases him but what I think is far most important is Obedience. God stated he honored his word more than him name and our obedience to him word and law is what makes us faithfull and pleases him.

Is It Possible To Not Sin
Umm personally I don't think you can live without sinning. Probably for a few hours or so. I might get in trouble for saying this but I do think it is possible to live without sinning. Why? Two reasons. We who are christians suppose to follow after Christs' example. Christ did not sin. Two. God said that Job was a perfect and upright man meaning he did not sin. Even when God allowed the Devil to bring viles and afflict Job the Bible says he did not sin. So I might be wrong but Job was an ordinary person just like us today. If he could have done it so can we...............but in this world when technology is destroying our people its so hard not too. Ugh! it gets on my nerves. i dont know about you

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
Can I share an experience with you all.
When I first got saved, The Holy Spirit took over me. I got the gift of Tongues during this awsome experience. but that is not what i want to talk about. A few sundays back in church our Pator was proclaiming the word and I'm a drummer. It was so strong that I could not stay on the drum i got off worshiping the Lord.And all of a sudden i found myself, not in control, crawling on the floor to the pulpit while speaking in tongues and bowing down quickly.

Holy Spirit Overtake Someone
then i just laid there prostate. Then the holy spirit picked me up and started talking through me teling the church that jehova rapha is here. I knew what was going on but was not in control. i was scared lol. but afterward i found myself walking, let me remind you that i was not in control, to heal someone, touching their feet. and hugging my mother who was also in the Sprit. And may I add i was moving and the whole time my eyes were closed. That was a day i will never forget the first time it happened to me as well. so to be overtaking is possible. So don't come with any theory about mass hysteria. cause when it comes to the Holy Spirt it cant be compared to anything else. Thats my incident

Am I A True Prophet
If you belive God has chosen you, my friend, you should not look for the approval from no body...not even us. In my opinion you should not have even posted this blog, you should've went straight to God and fast and seek him so he can confirm you as a true prophet. When God called The prophet Jeremiah, he told him I will make your forehead harder than theirs. you should expect doubt these day and persecution but If God has qualified you and made you a Prophet to the Nations you should not worry about it because he will protect you. And you should not believe, you should know. And i agree with moderator forget the title Do what the Lord has chosen you to do if that is what he did. Seek him...not our approval.

Who is Juanita Bynum?
Hello everyone. my name is Deno. I've read this whole blog because it seemed interesting. But I say to all of you talking about openly confession and stuff. Question: will you confess your sins openly to a public? would you confess your sin of maybe fornication or masterbation out for everyone to know? No. so we can't poit fingers at prophetess bynum. If she claims to be a prophet leave it. Pray about it. Let God handle it. No I don't agree with some of the things she says but she has led many...more than me to Christ. she is annointed. If she is wrong God will deal with that. He that is without sin or fault... Don't judge her people.

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