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Worldly Church Denominations
The denominational churches are closing as an affect of Apostasy as prophesied in Thessalonians.

This is good.

The church proper in the book of Acts, was a growth church through House Meetings.

The Denominational church is being forced to emerge into the Harlot of Babylon (the RCC), and Revelation 18:4 instructs TRUE Christians to escape Her.

Can Women Teach Sunday School
Where does the idea of having a separate Sunday school or youth group stem from?

It is not Biblical.

Qualifications To Be Raptured
The rapture is a 150 year old man made doctrine? I beg to differ. Read Revelation chapter 4 people. Who are the four & twenty elders dressed in white robes & casting their crowns at he feet of Christ? Note that this occurs before Christ begins to break the seven seals. Scripture clearly reveals that these are the saints. 12 representing the 12 tribes of Israel, (O.T. saints) and 12 representing Christ's desciples (N.T. saints). The fact that they have already received their crowns is evidence that the Beema seat Judgment takes place prior to the Tribulation. All people saved during the church age will be present at the Beema seat judgment. This is evidence that the rapture is Bible fact, and that it will be pre-trib.

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
I would like to suggest that you consult the Doctor who prescribed the drugs in the first instance so that this condition could be ascertained and the appropriate treatment administered to reverse the adverse affects of the drug dependency. At no time should your Mother-in-law be made to feel as if she has become a drug addict. Compassion is the name of the game be Christ like and do not condemn as HE did with the woman caught in adultery.


Croc Hunter Steve Irwin Died
Helen, whats going on is an outpouring of love for a human that died, a human that many people loved very much. Millions of people are mourning his death, how can you have the GALL to say that? People cant be sad, cry over someone lost? Cant write about it? Thats love and there is nothing wrong with it. What will happen when someone you love dies. Will you cry, make a memorial, do the same things everyone is doing for Steve? Steve Irwin was a great man I will meet him in heaven some day. Love you Steve.

Evangelical Or Fundamentalists
Historically, the divide between evangelicalism (technically known as new evangelicalism) and fundamentalism is based on the biblical doctrine of separation which is based upon the Holiness of God. Separation has two main components taught in the Bible. Personal and Ecclesiastical separation. See 1 John 2:15-17 and 2 Corinthians 6 respectively.

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