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Praying For A Good Wife
Maybe turning your thinking on its head might help. Pray instead that God will make any internal changes needed in you so you will be a good husband.

I am sure that God has the right person for you, but maybe your internal idea of what is 'right' and His idea might differ a little.

There might be other things too that need changing. Being a christian means all of us are a continuing 'work in progress'.

I know I'm not perfect yet. Just ask my wife.

Can I Remarry My Husband
Even just thinking about fornication is the same as committing it in God's eyes.

Marriage is ALSO a legally binding relationship between two people. eg. you agree to honour and care for each other,remain faithful etc.

Because of the legal rights it confers, some countries these days give de-facto relationships that meet certain criteria the same legal status as a marriage to ensure parties are protected from financial abuse.

Its a well established principle that if ONE party breaks a condition of a contract, one that relates to the very substance of the contract, the OTHER party is immediately released from any further obligation to meet their side of the bargain.

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