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Is There A Burp Demon
Matthew 14 16-21 please read. Demons are very real.. they can possess people in very crafty ways. While everyone here makes jokes in this christian web site. Read the passage.. demons come in seizures, panic attacks neck and head pain. Some things do come from injury, over eating junk food (chemicals). Demons enter and exit through the mouth and if anyone has any knowledge of exorcism, When they are being expelled by the power of God a person will drool bile, burp and vomit. Why do you think Jesus says to pray and fast??

White Throne Judgment

People putting them selves in hell and the lake of fire.

White Throne Judgment
It sure seems to be a diversity of replies on these blogs.

What Is Righteous Judgement
righteous judgment is fair, impartial and equal.however, prejudice is unfair, is partial and is unequal. that's the kind of judging Jesus is talking about. We are to love our neighbor righteously as ourself and have no respect of persons based upon their social class, race, or color. No one can judge righteously if he or she is prejudice. As a matter of truth, Jesus himself was partial to certain classes of people such as the poor and children and actually condemned those such as the rich who thought they were better than the poor or lower classes. I think the Lord meant don't judge unfairly, which would be prejudice.

Non Biblical Songs
Sorry, but I read some replies to learn, whether I reply to say anything or not. Some replies don't seem reasonable. So I'l just read.

Types of Baptisms
Shameful. People funmaking of a persons replies. Surely you'll pay.

What Spurned Mega Churches
Moderator, I need to correct the word spurned to, What designated or even spawned the mega churches. Thank you.

What Spurned Mega Churches
Sorry, I meant to use the word, Designated, Not spurned.

Breast Cancer Making Me Sick
Please dont give up, because i need you to be strong for me :)

Drunk And A One Night Stand
I'll tell you want It sounds as if I was the one you had that one night stand with. I was in a really bad position with my daughter leaving and moving out of state that day. I felt used, ugly, horrible, cheap, and filthy. Neither of us should have done what we did, and I for one will never repeat this again. I begged the Lord for forgiveness. A week later, I still feel like a total piece of garbage. Luckily, my Ex came over and comforted me. He was not happy with what I did, and he is not happy with the man who used me.

Need Prayer For My Interview
Trust and know that GOD is with you....His word states that he would never leave us nor forsake the name of Jesus.....HE CAN NOT LIE.....

Must Submit To Husband
I think this is one of those rare cases where only you can answer the question as to if it would be a sin not to obey. What is a sin for one person may not always be sin for another. I have seen a lot of judgement and outrage in responses, but I can tell you as someone who has had to personally answer this same question, that only God can provide the correct anwer for you. May He bless you, and know that I will be praying for you both.

My Husband Lied About Kids
My husband and I had this same problem. Our children were accidents--really! If I knew then what I know now, I would have prayed more. I became so overwhelmed by his unhealed parts that I became weaker. I also fell into bitterness and regret. That old adage about pray to want to want to pray for your husband has a lot of truth! Try asking God to take care of and heal you--all the inner issues, too. Find a friend to pray with you. I didn't realize how much satan wanted to maul and destroy my marriage and me. Once I understood that, I prayed more on the offense. Once the kids came, he still was not ready for fatherhood. Tough all the way, but God heard prayers. I really do understand your pain and honestly will pray right now!

How To Love Step Children
I've struggled with much of the same thing. I have three children from a previous marriage, whom I love very much. My new husband and I have a child together. He has two children from a previous marriage, so we have a total of 6 children.

I think it is normal. We birth, raise, love and nurture our own children from day one. Our step-children bonded with a different mother. Bonding takes time. For me, I can say I love my step-children, but not as deeply as my own, due to these factors.

Life is not easy, and step-families are no picnic. But, with patience, prayer, and dedication, love can grow.

God bless you.

Is God Sovereign
Sovereign He Is. Takes no orders from no one. Can do All things. For Him to put on a robe of flesh, Jesus Christ, to come to this world He created. So Awsome

Church With No Cross
Yes I think that the Cross is an insignia. The True Worship goes to Him that died on the cross.

Righteousness Apart From Christ
Any righteousness apart from God is self righteousness, and isn't valid for God's use.
Scripture says man's self righteousness is as filthy rags in God's eyes.

Is God's Word Sufficient
The Bible, God's Word is our directional road-map in the way we should go. As far as The Truth, God cannot lie. There is maybe more to God's Word (the world cannot contain the books), the Bible is what was given to us and is enough for us to handle.

Can Women Be Leaders
Wow! Sexism is alive and well in Christianity. I am a single Christian female and the God I serve and adhore is not a sexist. I believe men who think like you do, will have extra explaining to do in the Judgement.

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