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Biblical To Remarry
Now in the New Testament, Christ says the days of old are no more: It hath been said, whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement. But I say unto you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery. (Matthew: 5:31-32)

Does this mean that if a spouse commits adultery it is ok to get a divorce? As much as the churches would like to believe and preach that divorce is ok if a spouse commits adultery, the study on it shows otherwise. If you look closely at this scripture it uses the word fornication not adultery. Whosever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery. Matthew: 5:32

Should We Dance In Church
I looked the subject of dancing up because I wanted to understand it better by others that it has happened to. Last Sunday at church,the Holy Spirit was pulling me out to dance. As I yielded, I experienced something I had never felt before. It was like everything inside me was praising and worshiping my Father. It was a very spiritual experience. I can't imagine trying to hold that back. I think I would have bursted if I hadn't moved out. You definately know that it is the Spirit of God. I thank God for the opportunity and privelge to worship Him in such a spiritual way.

Rapture Of The Church
Heard great sermon yesterday about end times. The world is now looking for that "one" person who can solve the economy problems and get us out of this mess. He is coming. It will be a man too. Good news is that believers will be OUTTA here when the crap hits the fan so to speak. It's those who come out of the TRIBULATION who will need the welcoming committee when the 2nd coming happens. What a joy to welcome those aboard who actually went through that aweful trib. and made it out and/or prevailed. While the trib. is going on, we'll be up there partying at our wedding feast, then live in a sort of Garden of Eden for another 1,000 years. YIPPIE. It's so exciting to be living in this day and age.

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
I have not found anything in the scripture that tells us that it is not ok, to drink a bit of wine. In fact in a few instances it mentions the medicinal qualities of a good glass of red wine.

But as Christians we are also instucted to be sober and vigilant. Not to be drunk with new wine.

If Jesus, and the other Disciples have gone to such lenghts to give us instructions then it should be just as easy for us to follow then.

I personally choose to obstain. Becasue I tend to do everything in excess so, to stay out of trouble, I choose to "Just Say NO."

How To Stop My Anger Problems
The fact that you are acknowledging the problem is a start. Hopefully you pray and read your Bible daily to seek christ-like ways. Although it is impossible to go through life without getting angry we are not to go sleep on our anger. Ask for forgiveness from whoever you get angry with or if there is something God shows you is the root of your anger ask him to deliver you from it. Also look up all the scriptures you can find on anger and ask God for the wisdom you need to control it.

Faithful Husband Before Marriage
Hi, I've learned that when you date it is best to date for a while because however a man acts before the marriage is how he is going to act after the marriage. In other words if he cheats before he'll cheat after.

Reinhard Bonnke Evangelism
Sure, in heaven, God will reward many people who have never been heard. But these will be people with the fruit of humility - not these self-righteous, judgmental type who think only they have the correct doctrine, they have such a high an opinion of themselves that they won't take instruction from other workers in the Lords garden. I agree with Jonathan such Pharisees even when they do a lot of preaching in the name of Jesus, they get no reward.

Rules For Christian Debating
Andrea - since we are now living in the New Testament and no longer under the Old Testament, we don't need rules!

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
I was told that smoking won't send you to hell, but it might make you go to heaven earlier than the rest :)

Where Is Paradise

*2 Cor 5:6-8 is one of THE most abused scriptures in the bible. It certainly does not proclaim that immediately following your death you are in heaven.*

Please prove scripturally that Paul was referring to a future time and not immediately following one's death. Thanks.

Possible For Me To Remarry
Yes, you can remarry but only a christian woman.

2008 Presidential Election
None of them. I would vote for Jesus :)

I Don't Like Being A Wife
Man can I relate to you. I feel like I'm married to my kids instead almost and he is the outsider. We married not for love and I regret it but we made our bed so to speak. So we make the best of it.

Who is Hank Hanegraaff?
Stay away from this false teacher.

How Do I Start In Ministry
Hi. I dont know how you can get started, but I would not advise you to start without the leading of the holy ghost. When God ask us to do things for him he always provides the way to do it if we wait on him to...

Who is John Hagee?
As far as I know he reads from the Bible but we are not the ones to determine if he's fake or real. Who is real or fake will be brought out when we get to heaven. Until then, God says for us not to judge for we wont be judged.

God Does Not Speak To Me
I beleive God does speak to each of us especially if we are quiet before him. He speaks to each of us in different ways.We must not focus on the things we see in the natural but focus on the eternal also. Trust him he knows what he's doing...

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