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Christians Are Giving Up
True Christians will never give up. These times may make silent Christians speak up and stand up for our Jesus. According to the Bible, when times are bad, Christians grow. The realm of O'Bama won't last forever. We must speak up and see that he doesn't do the damage that will change our nation forever.

God Ignores My Prayers
First of all, you must have made a public profession of faith in the work of Jesus on the Cross. Then you must go through believer's baptism with the Holy Spirit coming to live in you. Only then are you able to come to the Father. Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except by Me." Secondly, you must pray in the will of God. If you are asking for material things, God knows what you need. Even if you are praying for healing, God may take His own time for this. I have experienced His healing by the hands of doctors and medicines. Third, you must pray in faith and trust.

Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
The only reason the Bible gives for divorce is when one partner commits adultry. And Jesus said that God only gave this excuse because it was what He considered a sin.
My son is a minister. He is only 45. But he won't marry anyone who has divorced for any reason except adultry. And only then if the one wanting to marry has remained single. Also, those who live together before marriage are finding it hard to get a preacher to marry them. People these days don't stop to realize that fornication is a sin according to God.

Are Demons In My Home
One way to be sure there are no demons or evil spirits in your home is to play Christian music on your radio or stereo. You can play it softly. Satan and his evil ones can't stand in the midst of praise to God. It makes Satan shrink away.

Can Women Be Leaders
If you read enough of the bible, you will find that the woman is under the authority of the man. The man is under the authority of the church. The church is under the authority of Jesus.
Women can have a place of leadership in the church. They are just told in the bible not to usurp the place of a man.
God has given me a gift of seeing what is going wrong in the church. But I must not use that to rule over the men. God will make a way for me to tell someone who will use the knowledge for good. In a marriage, the woman must let the man be the leader unless it is not a wise man.

Sister Considering An Abortion
God says He formed us in the womb. If He formed us, we are His people. The moment that spark of life exists, that baby is a human precious in the sight of God.

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