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Did Jesus Die For All
Yes Jesus died for ALL of our sins.But in order to get to heaven you must repent and be Baptist.Have you ever watched a lost soul die.I have,the nurses had to hang a blanket up over the mirror because my ex-husband saw monsters coming out the mirror.My sister passed away,it was peaceful she saw turkeys,deers etc.There is a hell,and if you don't accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior,that's where you'll go. donna3594

How Do You Repent
You have to go to God with a humble heart and ask him to forgive you.You must mean it in your heart and soul that you want to be forgiven.Then,accept it.Believe with all your heart and soul that God has forgiven you,and forgive yourself.Me, I repent everyday," all have sinned and falled short of the Glory of God".It's a nautral thing for humans to sin.But if you truely Love The Lord,he'll help you turn away from it. Even if I don't sin I still ask God to forgive me of my shortcomings.donna3594

I Got Saved Last Night
Bless you,I am so happy for you.It doesn't matter what the others are doing or saying as long as you gave your heart to Jesus.I'm very happy for you.May God Bless you.I'm here if you need to talk.Oh and Yes some churchs,do that and theres nothing wrong with it,as long as its for the Lord.Congratulation.,on your new live.Love You,donna3594

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