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Should I Read This Book
I do not do drugs, drink, or anything else 'bad. I do 'think.' What Dad and others do not understand is that their authority ends at the door to my mind. Dad once had me pulled out of a science class that taught evolution. We are ALWAYS fighting about books. They call it 'rebellion.' Its strange, they come down less hard on teens who use drugs, or who are goths, or sex than me for reading what they do not like. Teacher assigned the book, I will read it, period!

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Age Of The Grand Canyon
My interest is geology. Diatomite is a marine sediment of the Miocene, about 2 million years ao. Diatomite is abundant, and are the substance of which many marine deposits are formed, they are particularly useful for identifying the relative ages of some fossil deposits and are found at the miocene level in the Grand Canyon. I do not see what the big deal is, but the leaders at my parents church are not exactly pro-education. Am I the problem or are they?

Should I Read This Book
I believe in freedom of thought, my Dad has never read the book, and is against it! How can one condemn a book without reading it? We had a fight about it. I believe in something caled 'freedom.'

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