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Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
Because God said so

Theophostic Healing Ministry
My TP experience spans seven years of facilitating and receiving. I see miracle after miracle each week. The blessings are boundless.

Mentals Disorder For Christians
Using Theophostic Prayer (TP) facilitators have seen recipients receive peace from Jesus as a result of Prayer. It is not uncommon even when recipients claim depression, fear and anxiety upon beginning Prayer to reach complete peace a short time later. It is nothing short of a miracle, but God is faithful to reach you where you are.

Your Church Allow Comfort In Sin
I went to my Bishop telling him about my wife's hicki on her lower parts. They believe ignoring sin and declaring everyone righteous, is best, ignoring 1 Cor. 5, and 1Timothy hateful. She is shameless and denies everything highly accepted in the body!

Your Church Allow Comfort In Sin
There is a force (the enemy) which highly despises we who understand the difference between sins of heart, and actual sins. Anger is a sin of heart, but murder is the kind of sin 1 Timothy 5:20 is speaking of. Lust is a sin of heart, but adultery is the kind of sin spoken of in 1 Timothy 5:20. Few Pastors understand 1 John 5:16-17 and therefore can't tell a stumbling Christian from a false convert. since false converts are a leaven, and true need encouragement, the church has literally "gone to the dogs". :(

Did Judas Go To Heaven
Yes! But Gods word is sure to make certain we KNOW he was the ONLY one marked for destruction before the foundations of the we understand that of ALL who come to Christ, He will turn away NONE!

Does God Forgive Remarriage
The real question is, can the offender truly repent? Whoever left or committed sexual sin, must, by the Insight of the Holy Spirit, confess their decision was due SOLELY to their own lusts and pride, or its NOT a repentance unto restoration to God and Godliness. Leveling ANY blame on the other voids repentance completely according to God read Levivicus 26:40-41 the definition of repentance!

Christian Lottery Tickets
I am a Christian who occasionally buys a lottery ticket. What I find interesting are those people in church who are totally opposed to the lottery yet their children use their state's lottery scholarship to attend college. Buying a lottery ticket in most states benefits higher education and affords the opportunity for many who could not afford college to become college graduates. So the lottery (in most states) isn't a totally bad thing. And although gambling was everywhere during Bible days there is not one single passage that directly prohibits gambling.

Different Bible Versions
I hear a lot of people talking about the 1611 KJV Bible. I have an original text 1611 King James bible and you can't understand it! The King James Bible so many carry today is actually a 1760 version (the 4th revision) which updated the english so we can read it today. I personally like the 2011 NIV bible - it is so clear that I have learned stuff that is in my KJV but I never noticed them until I got a newer version. For me at least, God used the 2011 NIV to make the Word come alive. I read the Bible more now as well. I have had folks from the King James only crowd tell me stuff that is wrong with the NIV, but when I open my NIV and show them that they are wrong they usually admit "well, that's just what I heard..."

Robertson Legal Marijuana
Pat Robinson is not promoting marijuana use, he is simply making a common sense statement that since we spend billions of dollars each year fighting something that grows naturally in the woods, and since we are never going to stop it, those billions of tax payer dollars could be better spent elsewhere. Whether or not it is a sin is not what he is talking about (although Mark 7:15 and 7:18 would lead one to believe it is not a sin).

Mohandas Gandhi Said
You miss the point of what Gandhi is saying. Gandhi closely followed and adored the teachings of Christ. Was he a Christian? I don't know. I would say not because I cannot find anywhere that he professed that faith. However, his point is that Christians are so unlike Christ that they fail to be effective. For those who don't know, Gandhi was thrown out of a Christian church before being allowed to enter by "Christians." This is where his mindset comes from. Based on actions from "Christians" today, how can anyone disagree with him?

Are There Female Angels
Something happened with me a few months ago. I was half sleep, half awake and more or less reviewing my prayer list in my mind. I was about to attend church for the first time in ten years.
A short vision of a young girls with several children following her around a yard or park. They moved toward me as my point of view was as a smaller child than they, when she came before me and simply said, "Go seek God."
Now, had I been sleeping, this could have been a dream, but I wasn't fully asleep, but conciously reviewing my payers in my mind. Were it not the day that I returned to church, it might not have stuck with me, but I was and it did. Angel? Holy Spirit? Either way, it was a message to me that I should not chicken out.

Explain Genesis 3:20
I feel as though Eve already had children before Cain and Able due to the fact that vs. 16 says that God would increase her sorrow and her conception -- in sorrow shall you bring forth children. Then in vs. 20 it states that Adam called his wifes name Eve because she WAS the mother of all the living. WAS being past tense. I feel before her sorrows of bringing forth children, it was probably enjoyable and without pain to deliver a child. So this ties in with " Who did Cain take for a wife? I'm sure there were plenty of people reproduced by the time Cain and Able came onto the scene.

Nations Not Heard The Gospel
The Bible says in John 1:9... In speaking of Jesus Christ-"That was the true Light, which lighteth "every man" that cometh into the world." Beyond that I say "The secret things belong unto the LORD our God." (Deuteronomy 29:29(a) DGL

How To Stop Gossip
The best method i have had used on me, is to interrupt her, saying lets pray for that person.
Then begin to pray for Gods mercy toward them, and that God might even use your friend to minister His love and forgiveness toward them.

Do Christians Ever Sin
The key, is to define the term, SIN.
1 Corinthians 6 gives a list of those who are not saved.
There are trespasses, offenses, and sins.
1John, in authorized bibles, says truly converted
Sinners, can no longer sin. The unauthorized bibles
Say we can not sin regularly.
Yes, you will struggle with lust and anger, but you will
No longer commit literal murder or fornication....
If you truly are saved from sin.
If you can no longer commit those sins listed in
1 Corinthians 6, it is because Christ not only forgave
You, but is keeping you from those sins which lead
To spiritual death.
much more to say.. E mail me if you wish :)

Remarrying After A Divorce
All new covenant reasons for divorce and remarriage
Have a christhearted common thread. Christ will "never leave us or forsake us". But He will allow us to leave or forsake Him.
Forsaking, refers to forsaking the one flesh covenant,
Through sexual intimacy of any kind, with any other.
Leaving, refers to a willful choice to abandon the
other. Attempting to get ones spouse to forsake or leave, so you can APPEAR to be Christlike, is nothing less than demonic.
Yet if you possess Christs heart, which would prevent
You from accepting sexual intimacy from another, or trying to get them to leave you, and you have been forsaken, you are free to remarry.
Do you havd Christs heart? Yes/ No


Are All Sins Equal To God
Two biblical truths.
1) there are sins which mandated death, by God, in the old covenant, and many which did not.
2) The new covenant identifies three types of " falling short".
Trespasses.. Heart issues, which have not offended another Require private repentance.

Offenses, heart isssus, which have offended another, Go to them one on one, seeking the offenders restoration to Christ, through repentance.

Sins, such as listed in 1 Corinthians 6. They require public rebuke before all, because those literal sins, destroy all spiritual intimacy with God. This is why Paul said to rebuke before all ( those who sin) so that all may fear separation from God

Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
Read . "Created to be his helpmeet" by Debi Pearl.

If you are able to endure the persecution from
Other women who have chosen to reject Gods word in favor of their own self serving ways
And heed Gods advice, you will find great peace and contentment.

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