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Ellen G White's Twin Sister
Thanks Dan, I am not sure where you are going with this and you might want to fill me in. All I attempted to do was answer what the 'Atonement' was all about. Therefore it appears that the Atonement awaits for the very last thing to happen. Anyway that is how I see it.

Meaning Of Walking In The Spirit
I am a mortal human made of flesh. Can someone please tell me how I can 'die daily of the flesh' and why I suppose to be weak? If we are not spiritual beings how can we walk in the spirit?

Ellen G White's Twin Sister
If you will research the Atonement, you will see that the first to become cleansed had to be the high priest. Next were all the priests and their families. Only after this could the other tribes of Israel become cleansed. The sins were placed upon the goat of removal, and NOT upon the High Priest. In fact, no sins were placed upon the Priest, the Priest Tribe, or the other tribes. Nothing was done for the rest of the world but the scapegoat was sent out to them.

Ellen G White's Twin Sister
Jesus is our high priest. He said He bacame sanctified. The next group to become sanctifed is the 144,000 who are sealed before the tribulation. The next group are the 5 from the 10 Virgins (KOH) and they testify about the truth to the multitude standing before the throne (bride) found in Rev.7:9-15. This is what the "Atonement" is all about. John the Baptist was right, but this has not happened YET!

Christians Don't Read The Bible
Pehaps "Deb" has not read Jeremiah. Ever wonder why Jeremiah was pulling his hair out?

If The Rapture Is Fictitious
Steveng, Very Good! However, read Rev. 11:1,2 and you will see a judgment for the innercourt people (KOH) first. This is when the splitting of the ten virgins happens and it is before the time of trouble. The 144,000 are first, the KOH second and then the mass multitude standing before the throne. As for no one ascending into heaven-that is not quite right either. Jesus said no one has ascended AND come back down (yet), but the Son of Man. But overall, you are close.

If The Rapture Is Fictitious
There is NO such thing as a 'rapture'. Rev. 7 gives us the true picture. Here we see God's servants, the 144,000 who have been sealed before the tribulation and then we see another group who became sanctified from the testimony of the 144k AND the 5 wise bridesmaids during the time of trouble. They all go thru it, but it is not a test for the 144k. (Rev.3:10)

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee, Gen.3:15 makes it clear that the woman is the Holy Spirit. Gen.3:16 was about Eve and human women. The versions of the bible don't make this clear as the Septaugent and therefore Catholic's and others have a misconception of this issue.

Ellen G White's Twin Sister
NVbarbara, thanks. This is why I am still a student. But my question is this: Was the death of Jesus the 'Atonement'? OR, was He the 'Passover Lamb'? Or could it be both? I believe He was the Passover Lamb as He said He was. If I am correct, then no sins were placed upon Jesus. Isn't this correct?

Where Was Jesus For 3 Days
Jesus said the only sign was of Jonah, him being inside a fish for 3 days AND 3 nights. So it appears that Jesus was dead (second death) for 3 days and 3 nights, but the grave could not hold Him because no sins were placed upon Him. No, this was NOT the "Atonement". He said He was the "Passover Lamb". No sins were placed upon this lamb.

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
It was a good thing I discovered the "mess" after I had discovered the straight testimony of Jesus, or I would have given up on the Bible. Yes, Warick, as you say, the bible is NOT the word of God, but it does contain the Word of God. We have a choice, search for the truth, or not.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
NO! But if you believe in Paul's "revelation" he had going to the third heaven, then you might have a different opinion.

Was Peter Saved Early
Jack, you hit the nail right on the head!

Tell Everyone About Jesus
It is the "gospel" about the Kingdom of God that Jesus came to teach. This is the same "gospel" truth seekers will be teaching. Jesus did not come to say "hey look at me and worship me because my grace is sufficent", He said He came to save the 'lost sheep of Israel' (KOH). Adam's job was to do the same thing, but he failed the test. Israel/Jews were to do the same, but also failed the test. The 144,000 and the 5 wise virgins will NOT fail the test.

Are Churches Today Vile
There are some great replies here. If you don't believe a church is 'vile', please tell us about this church! Matt. 25 states that the KOH will be LIKENED to 10 virgins (not the church/bride) at the time of the end. Jesus also said one must belong to the KOH to be saved. So, who is it that represents the KOH today?

How Do You Live For Jesus
His 'yoke' is easy. Just keep the 10 Commandments and ask Him for forgiveness of your sins---and sin no more.

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