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Degree Needed To Preach
Although my terminal degree is Biblical Studies, the carpenter, fisherman, and child often understand Kingdom mysteries and revelation more than the "learned" - it is revealed by God, not just by study!

While some of us know the Book, others know the Author, which is much better.

What we the Body need is more Presence, Power, and Wisdom, not just more intelligence.

Jesus said that if He didn't do the works of the Father, don't believe Him. That's where we need to be!

Degree Needed To Preach
We may have made Gods Word of no effect by our traditions, whether Fundamentalist or Charismatic. The purpose of ministers is not just to do all the work, but to train the entire Body to do the Work of Ministry. This is not a spectator sport, but each one participating in their function, call, anointing. God help us equip and get equipped for the Work that is before us! Lets cry out to Father God to become what He desires for each of us.

Plan Of Salvation
Our First Priority is to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. His House is to a House of Prayer for All Nations. THEN we are to make disciples, not just converts of All Nations.

For many, the Plan of salvation is misunderstood. Were not winning people to our [denominational] view point, but to the King, Lord, and Master. The Gospel of Salvation wins my lost soul to Christ. The Gospel of the Kingdom makes me a subject/disciple of the King of kings!

Degree Needed To Preach
Part One
They realized they had been with Jesus. Lets do the same in prayer, fasting, seeking His Face / Will. Let us have a clear understanding of the Gospel we preach! The Gospel of Salvation gets us redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, healed, delivered, set free in every area of our life, and finances brought into Kingdom Order: out of death and debt! The spirit of man is made Truly Alive! Religion tries to reach God, but God in Grace reaches man.

Degree Needed To Preach
Part Two
The Gospel of Salvation is for the (dead human) spirit (to be made alive). The Gospel of the Kingdom, God's Righteous Rule and Reign, is for the soul. You are receiving the goal of your faith - the Salvation of your soul.
Religion cant wait to get to heaven; the Kingdom of God cant wait to get to earth - right here right now in our hearts and lives. The Kingdom is at hand, near, now attainable! Change your thinking to see it.

Degree Needed To Preach
Part Three
Some are given as Gifts as Evangelists [Eph 4]; all are called to do the work of and evangelist. Make your call and election sure! No degree is needed to preach the Gospel but walking in faith, purity, and holiness are required! As newborn babies desire sincere milk of the Word that you may grow up in your Salvation. Get saved; get filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit! The Spirit is IN me for myself; the Spirit is UPON me for others!

Degree Needed To Preach
Part Four
We must continue to grow daily, not crystallize into set patterns and ways. Israel saw His acts, Moses knew His Ways. There are two questions: 1 Father, what are You doing? 2 What do You want me to do?

Jesus said, If I do not do the work of the Father, dont believe Me! I tell you the Truth, the one who believes in Me will do the works I have done and greater because I go to the Father. Lets grow up!!

Evangelism Training Tools
Part Two
You can be trained by man, and by God. Humbly learn from those who are doing, not just teaching about it. Ask God for a mentor, then look for someone to mentor.

2 Tim 2:2 speaks of four generations. Be part of the Body, learn and DO.

Those who never step out in faith criticize those who do. Faith and life are both spelled r-i-s-k!

Work by yourself; work with others.

Only two times to share Gospel: in season and out of season.

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