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Are The Remant Chosen
I wish we could meet more people like this in our area...even if God places us in different churches, it's nice to meet for encouragement and fellowship.

Cluny - honestly, your comments in the threads make it sound like you think that you are better than the people who (in your perception) think they are better than others, which is ironic.

People who've put Christ first naturally want to meet others whose faith is important to them, and it's hard to find others like that. You seem judgmental of people who are not complacent in their faith.

We'd be happy to meet with you, too! We did not intend to criticize or act superior. But it sounds like meeting you would be unpleasant, because you've been quick to attack others.

Read Revolution Book
No, a main point of Barna's book is that these people are leaving in search of a place where they can be more actively engaged and feel that they are really serving Christ, rather than sitting as spectators. They also crave more intense Christian community and focused time in the Word rather than faddish programs and a "show." They are finding these opportunities in house churches, microchurches, cell groups, etc. I don't think the overall movement is about faultfinding as much as trying a new church format.

Read Revolution Book
Barna is a well-known pollster/statistician whose research indicated a stunning trend in American Christianity that the media (and the general culture) has not yet noticed - a mass exodus from traditional churches by devout evangelicals (20 million, he estimates), who are now getting their fellowship from house churches, small groups, cell groups, microchurches, etc. Contrary to previous waves of departures from churches, these earnest people were the backbone of their churches, not the peripheral people or laggards. Hes not just advocating home groups, but documenting a major trend happening behind the scenes American Christianity is starting to resemble the huge underground house church movement in China, at least structurally.

Meet-Ups In Houston Texas
We're concerned about the dilution of the gospel that seems to be a trend in modern evangelicalism, and the low level of commitment that is considered normal. I am not surprised to hear people say that someone who dislikes the status quo is acting arrogant or superior - people always say that, in every context (religious or not), about people who go against the grain. (i.e., How dare they? They think they're better than us?). Churchgoers span a wide range of commitment levels and consistency, and there is nothing wrong with the people who are have a very high commitment level wanting to find other people like that.

Meet-Ups In Houston Texas
Response 1... We are trying to find a particular type of person, believers for whom the idea of remnant would resonate internally, who perhaps feel alone in their concerns about the status quo of modern evangelicalism. We have plenty of churchgoing friends and acquaintances who would instantly bristle at the phrase (faithful remnant), like most of the respondents here. We know that many mainstream churchgoers would feel that sectarianism is a worse evil than spiritual mediocrity, and that believing otherwise is some kind of heresy. We do not believe those are the only two options (sectarianism or mediocrity), but we were hoping to meet other people in our area who are really serving Christ wholeheartedly and share our concerns.

Meet-Ups In Houston Texas
Response 2...We assume that most of the people we meet like this will be active and committed in a church or group already, and are not looking to switch churches but we would still like to get to know them. We are not merely recruiting. Also, we do not believe that only one church or group is the faithful remnant, or that only one doctrinal position determines whether one is part of a faithful remnant. I thought that was reasonably explicit in the initial query that I posted, sorry.

Meet-Ups In Houston Texas
Response 3- In some ways, it is helpful when people unambiguously declare that they do NOT identify with the term remnant, because it signals to us that we should look elsewhere. We are really searching for people who are harder to find and we suspect they also have trouble finding others who can relate to them and encourage them.

We have not planned any specific event yet, as we were seeing what kind of interest we could garner first. We will keep searching for ways to meet serious, kindhearted believers from our area. God bless you.

Lambs Book Of Life
How does the "lambs book of life" differ from the "book of life"?

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